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Zhu Zhu Pets – Hype Or Real Benefits?

Zhu Zhu Pets – Hype Or Real Benefits?

Every parent at the time of goodwill wants to gift something special to their little children. And what can be better than a toy that they cannot get enough of. This year, this must have toy is Zhu Zhu pet. These toy hamsters are sensational and have sky rocketing sales. May it be shopping in stores or browsing online, these pets are the most sought after toys.

But there are few questions that come to the logical mind before making any purchase. Are these Zhu Zhu pets really worth? Should I buy this for my child? We have the answers for you. First, these pets imitate real hamsters but without any cage and saw dust for keeping them. They are life like and their different variants have different personalities and make different sounds depending on the option chosen. Let’s explore and find out whether it is just hype or these toy hamsters really offer benefits.


  • Since it is not possible for everyone to own a real pet, these toy pets fill the void and allow children to experience the presence of little creatures in home.
  • Children learn how to take care of pets and how do pets react in different situations when set in a particular mode giving a real feel to the whole scenario.
  • These pet hamsters help teach children empathy, affection and respect towards other living creatures.
  • The different personalities of variants make sure that you have one that suits your child’s sensibilities and hence it makes the toy more personal and more loved.
  • The availability of closely resembling real hamster accessories allows creating a real environment through adventure ball, hamster wheel. You can even go for surfboard and car where the Zhu Zhu pets can move completely on their own.
  • As parents, you do not have to think about cleaning the cages or feeding or watering the animals. It is just the spare battery for the toy you have to be ready with.
  • These toy pets are quite reasonably priced so they are very much within the reach and offer lot of scope for proper emotional development in children.

Zhu Zhu pets are the closest you can get to own a real pet without the worries associated with it like cleaning, health checkups and death. These pets behave as if they have their own mind to change moods and to react to the situation. They are cute, versatile and have all the characteristics of a real hamster. This recent rage in kids has nothing offensive about it and hence can make a perfect Christmas gift for your little one.