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Why Is Frontline Plus The No.1 Choice Of Veterinarians For Flea Eradication?

Why Is Frontline Plus The No.1 Choice Of Veterinarians For Flea Eradication?

Controlling flea and tick infestation is one of the permanent jobs that pet owners have. Being one, it is understandable how flea and tick treatment is always on our online shopping list at regular intervals. Despite a number of flea preventives available, it is observed that veterinarians always suggest Frontline Plus to treat fleas on cats and dogs. But, have you ever wondered why?

Why is Frontline Plus popular and No.1 choice of vets?

  • Frontline Plus has been in the market since Sept. 2000 and is one of the oldest topical solutions to treat external parasites. It has build trust by proving its efficiency for more than 15 years.
  • Although there are oral tablets available now and they may seem more feasible, most pets and the owners are comfortable with topical parasite controls. Being a spot-on treatment, Frontline Plus is easy to apply and may not pose any issues while applying to pets.
  • Frontline Plus is a quick action formula which is made using two active ingredients, Fipronil (adulticide) and (s) – methoprene (IGR). Thus this treatment kills both, adult fleas as well as the juvenile stages of fleas within 12 hours of application. So canines are felines are protected from flea re infestation after the application of Frontline Plus.
  • It is equally efficient in killing ticks and its larvicidal stages found on the pet’s body. It takes almost 48 hours to eliminate all the ticks. The major advantage of this treatment is that it works for all four types of ticks including lone star. Using other solution to deal with ticks is not necessary when we apply Frontline Plus to pets.
  • By killing the inducers this preventive provides protection from flea and tick diseases such as Flea allergy dermatitis, Lyme disease, etc. It also eliminates chewing lice and provides relief from scratching and irritation on skin.
  • Frontline Plus is easily available for both, cats and dogs without prescription. It works efficiently on both the species. Pets above 8 weeks of are safe to be treated with this treatment. After appropriate guidance from the vet you may also treat lactating pets and breeders.
  • It is once a month preventive which also makes it cost effective. Being a waterproof flea control it is okay to wash your pet after 48 hours of application. This does not alter its efficacy.
  • The most important reason for frontline plus being the most recommended one is that it almost doesn’t have any side effects on pets. The ones that may have any may be allergic to one of the ingredients. Apart from that there may be rarest of the rare cases of any side effects.

Frontline Plus is also one of the cheapest parasitic preventive available now which contributes to its popularity. You can find it at much affordable price online if you know where to buy from. As it is available in different packs according to the different weight range of pets, it is recommended to weigh your pack before selecting one.