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Who Is Daniel Stevens?

Who Is Daniel Stevens?

Is Daniel Stevens just another internet scam artist trying to make money off innocent internet browsers? Daniel Stevens is the author of the #1 dog training guide, ‘Secrets to Dog Training.’

Keep reading and see if you agree with the majority of those who think Secrets to Dog Training is the bible when it comes to this topic.

What’s So Great About This eBook?

Secrets is an all encompassing eBook. This book first teaches you the basics of dog ownership in general. It then specifically addresses every kind of dog issue you can imagine.

Hand Held Guidance

Secrets teaches you, the dog owner, how to train your dog even with the most challenging issues. So if your dog is famous for chewing on your most expensive pair of shoes, this book will nip it in the bud.

Successful Training For The Owner

In addition to focusing on the training of the dog, Secrets to Dog Training focuses on the dog owner’s behavior as well. Many dog training guides focus only on the behavior of the dog.

But in order for dog training to be successful, the owner has to unlearn some of his own bad habits – habits that he may be teaching the dog that is ultimately undoing all this hard work!

Strategies That Work

Daniel Stevens takes you into the mind of a dog. Understanding how canines think is critical to being able to train them. Once you understand how dogs view the world, training them becomes super easy.

You’ll also know how to build a healthy relationship with your dog.

No More Expensive Personal Dog Trainers

The problem with personal dog trainers is the dog is being trained by the trainer – not you! So when the trainer leaves, all of the dog training goes out the window because your dog is trained to respond to the trainer.

Having a comprehensive dog training system like Daniel Holden’s eBook is advantageous in that you are doing all the dog training, not some paid personal trainer.

That means every time you command your dog to sit, stay, or whatever other command you give him, you build repoire with the dog.

You’re also establishing yourself as the Alpha. So when it’s time to take your dog out for a walk, you can be super confident that your dog will listen to you.

So What Do You Get From Secrets to Dog Training?

For starters, it covers all aspects of adopting a dog. It also teaches you which breed may be best for your family. Secrets also covers important things you need to know, such has how to choose the right vet.

This guide teaches you how to solve:

1. Barking
2. Biting
3. Jumping
4. Digging
5. Chewing
6. Separation anxiety
7. Aggression
8. General dog obedience problems

The eBook is 9 chapters long. Each chapter in the book is designed to focus specifically on a dog behavior problem and its solution. The book has software that enables you to track your dog training progress.

Is It Worth It?

I have 2 dogs of my own. Prior to owning my 2 dogs, I owned another terrier. Her name was Lily. Lily was a sweet, funny dog, but very dominant, temperamental, and refused to listen to any of my commands.

She was in complete control of my house!

I spent $1,000s of dollars on a professional dog trainer. And guess what? She still did what she wanted whenever she wanted. Why? Because she was being trained by the trainer – and that’s who she listened to.

So after wasting a few thousand dollars on my personal dog trainer, I made the $37 investment for Secrets to Dog Training. Not only did purchasing this guide save me so much money, it taught me the importance of training myself and being consistent.

What Do I Like Most About This Product?

What I like about his product is that detail went into it. This product was made so that every single person who uses it can reach their goal with their pet.

Daniel Stevens is not just the owner of this product. Rather, he has surrounded himself with a supportive team that knows their stuff!

You get free email consultations with every purchase. If you have a specific problem with your dog and can’t seem to find the answer in the book, all you have to do is email the team, and one of the members will get back to you pronto!

Contains Most Up To Date Information

Another thing I like about this product is that it’s always kept up to date. New dog training techniques are being utilized all the time. It’s important that Daniel Stevens keeps these methods updated in his book.

If you’re planning on getting a dog or if you have a dog already and don’t know how to train him, I highly recommend you read Daniel Stevens’ book.