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Webkinz Fascination

Webkinz Fascination

Webkinz are stuffed animal toys which were first started on 29th April 2005, by a company called Ganz, these toys are just like most of the tiny stuffed animal toys. Nonetheless, every toy of Webkinz has an exclusive private code written on a tag which is adjoined to it. This code permits to log on to the website ‘Webkinz World’. On this site the private code permits the purchaser to possess a virtual version of the pet (stuffed animal toy) for practical communication.

These stuffed toys are also available in a smaller size, which are comparatively lesser priced and these are known as lil kinz. An eStore was opened by Webkinz in 2008 June, where the website users are able to purchase practical things like furnishings and virtual versions of stuffed animal toys.

There are several types of Webkinz; few are like the usual pets, wild animals, mythological creatures and the imaginary creatures. In the list of Webkinz stuffed animals, one can see the whole range of pets available.

Every Webkinz stuffed animal and its accessory are attached with a code which is composed of eight characters. When the code is registered on the Webkinz official website, the pet is adopted by the purchaser in the virtual world of Webkinz. The purchaser cannot log on to the website unless he has the private code. The retailers of these toys are not allowed to sell them without the private code and removing the tag by not purchasing the pet is regarded as shoplifting.

If the purchaser forgets the login id and pass – word, they can find it out anytime through his private code. The forgotten id or password cannot be regained without the private code. Presently, if the purchaser is supposed to buy one stuffed animal toy of Webkinz every year and add it to his own user or else the account will automatically get expired.

The world of Webkinz is an online play zone, which has its own economic – market. The users of Webkinz website get money which is called as kinzcash, if any new pet is adopted by them, through online Games, by answering the G.K questions and by means of everyday activities for instance by selecting ‘I love my Webkinz’, whirling the – ‘wheel of WOW’, by completing the mini – games, or by playing the wishing well 2. These are available only once in eight hours.

Everyday, one “game of the day” is available, that user’s can play to achieve bonus – kinzcash, other kinds of extra cash can be won every – hour on the weekends and only in afternoon timings on the week – days. The purchaser can gain benefit from extra money, rooms and other stuff which are included in there user account, by the purchase of each Webkinz – toy.

They can use up the money they won, at the so called W – shop. From this shop the users can purchase food stuff, clothes, things for the room of their pets or to make extra room in the pet’s house or outdoors. The user can either furnish their pet’s house with previously made themes or decorate and furnish with their own creative ideas. The users can also visit Dr. Quack to get their Webkinz check up done.