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Toys That Are Safe and Ideal for Your Bearded Dragons

Toys That Are Safe and Ideal for Your Bearded Dragons

Since bearded dragons are social creatures, they too, need to sustain their life and that is to live a happy one. For them to be happy, they must be entertained and one way to achieve this is by giving them toys. Don’t let your bearded dragon sleep all day, let your pet work its muscles by engaging it to exercise. Try to entertain them as much as possible. One way to encourage them to be happy is to give them your attention by playing with them. You can try to check these safe materials for your bearded dragon.

Soft stuffs or pillowcases
Bearded dragons love to hang out in dark places. They opt to hide in different dark areas of their enclosure. To add fun and color, you can put soft stuffs or a pillowcase that he can scratch and play around with. These are great ideas for fun. Remember not to give plastic bags as toys as this can cause suffocation. Instead of this, you can give paper bags for him to toy around with.

Toy Balls
Another great idea of toys for your bearded dragon are balls. Every time you bring your pet outdoors to play, give him those balls. He can use his head by pushing it and playing with it. It will be an amusing sight to watch. You could give him some bouncy balls, big marbles, plastic balls, and cat and dog stuff toys to play with. Do not offer small toys to your bearded dragon as he might swallow it and could cause danger. Make sure that the balls are not that heavy for your pet to push around. These social creatures love loud noises and bright colors.

Paper Towels
The adage “the simpler, the better” also goes true with bearded dragons. Your pet will surely love simple stuff. Simple toys that you can give to them are paper towels. Put a sheet or two inside their vivarium. Tissues are good for scratching and does not cause harm to your dragon, but torn tissue papers could be messy. After their play time, make sure to remove it and clean the area right away.

Mini Pool
It’s pool time! It’s quite an irony that bearded dragons love water despite the fact that they have a dry habitat. Bearded dragons love water! So when it’s bath time, provide it with a mini pool by using a dish that has water on it. Put it inside its enclosure. Make sure that your dragon fits on the dish. Get the right size. Keep an eye on your pet while it’s playing on water. Never use a dish that is bigger than the size of your dragon as it can drown inside. Enjoy playing with your pet while it is in water by giving it a splash once in a while.

Box with sand
Aside from sand being a substrate for bearded dragons, it can also be used as a toy. However, you need to supervise your pet while playing. They love to dig and play with sand. Be cautious as sand may be mixed in their food and cause impaction which could be fatal. The ideal way to provide your dragon with sand as a play thing is to put it in a box and separate it from its eating area inside the vivarium. Put a newspaper underneath the box so that you could easily clean and discard it once your pet is done playing.

Other ideas for your pet to have fun are to make them run inside their enclosure. Make sure that the entrance and exits are closed. Adding music is also a superb idea so they can listen to rhythm and melody. If you are not around but would still love to let them play, you can turn on the television as they love to watch.

But the best of all these ideas is to hang around with your pet; it means something to him as he will know you are establishing trust and relationship between you two.