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Tips to Keep Your Dog From Scooting

Tips to Keep Your Dog From Scooting

The anal sacs or sheltie anal glands, generally in dogs can find inside, near to the anus. The topic of the article is related to that. In the USA, there is a humorous commercial whereas the boy excitedly screams to her mom saying that there Fido is learning a new trick and if I remember it right, it is a commercial for cleaning a carpet but I go off the point.

The dog in the commercial is citing a sign of a problem in the anal glands. This gland has a liquid that is so much smelly. This kind of smell is the way of dogs of telling each other that is comparable to humans making a little conversation or shaking hands. Like for example:

“Hi, where have you’ve been?”

“I just hang around in the street”

It is not anymore a surprise that we are considering that the sense of smell is the puppies’ first sense that is being introduced to them after their birth. So from the beginning, the dogs are relying on their sense of smell.

The problem is this smell is so bad that I can’t able to explain it. When the dog is upset, in some days his glands have a tendency of expelling. For reasons I don’t know, Murphy, my dog when we are riding in my car there’s a little expelled taken from his glands. I am not certain if it is because he is nervous or being held that makes him do that. Whatever it is, it is absolutely stinky!

You might be wondering what is all about scooting. In some days, this gland can be impacted. This makes your dog uneasy that makes him wipe his butt by rubbing in trying to make the liquid expel out. I am sure that it is not a thing that you want in the carpet.

If this is the situation it needs the human to make the gland expel the liquid. The vet or the groomer can do this as well as the owner of the dog. It is a little untidy task; most of the owner possibly wants that somebody else do this for him/her. For the amount of $10, my groomer does it for me.

If you like to do it by yourself and you don’t have any idea how, you can ask your groomer and let him/her show you but if he/she doesn’t want you can go and ask your vet.

It might be that the anal gland that is impacted is sore so it is very crucial that it is taken care quickly. It could be also a sign of some other health issue, so it is better to get rid of this likeable cause just in case some other, possible serious, underlying condition is there.

If these symptoms are exhibiting by your dog of the anal uneasiness, as soon as you can, make an appointment to your trusted vet so you can have the bottom of the situation.