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The Furminator As Seen on TV Review

The Furminator As Seen on TV Review

The Furminator Dog Brush Review – Does it really work?

Any pet owner will tell you that at least once a year there is a dreaded event, shedding season! This is the time of year when animals are shedding their dense winter coats in favor of a lighter spring and summer variety. This means one thing there will be hair, and it will be everywhere! To make matters worse some breeds shed all the time due to the density of their fur.

Over the years tool after tool has come to market promising to end pet owner’s woes by eliminating shedding. Most have come and gone leaving dissatisfied customers.

Today we have the Furminator, and the question is does it really work. Co founded by a former pet groomer it seems the chances are good that the product really delivers. The product was developed over several years as the creators attempted to make a shed brush that would grab the loose undercoat and pull it free without damaging the top coat.

In order to get a better idea of whether or not this tool is the real deal it is helpful to look into what other people have to say about it. The first place to stop is consumer reports. Many other reviews might seem suspect, but consumer reports have a reputation for having good unbiased testing.

Consumer reports took the Furminator to the animal shelters in and around Yonkers to perform their tests. They would brush one side of the pet with Furminator and the other with another commercial shedding tool. Then the tools were sent home for further testing on panelists own pets.

The results were that the Furminator did exactly what it said it would. Removed lots of hair and was easy to use. Some panelist insisted that their pet’s hair was softer and shinier after use.

Perhaps the most convincing testimony comes not from professionals, but from a gentleman with more at stake, his house! He owns ten fur-bearing pets! You can imagine the amount of hair he must deal with on a daily basis. His opinion is that the Furminator is the greatest thing since sliced bread. After using a favorite de-shedding tool for years, he picked up the Furminator more out of curiosity than anything else.

The verdict was soon in – his favorite tool was now the furminator! Great at removing tons of hair without pulling or cutting healthy hair. In addition, he now has less hair to deal with in his home, no small feat for a home with ten pets.


From all accounts, the Furminator does just what it promises to do. Remove shed hair easily and efficiently, decrease hair in the home and leave your pets coat shiny and healthy.