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The Advantages of Using Cat Litter Mats

The Advantages of Using Cat Litter Mats

Cat litter mats are becoming as necessary as cat litter boxes, especially for homeowners who keep cats indoors at all times.

For people, mats are used as hygienic materials that wipe off unwanted dirt from the sole of their shoes or from their feet. Normally, in houses, you would find mats under doors, to help wipe off unwanted substances off the feet of people.

For cats, the cat litter mat also does the same. The feline creatures will need to have something where they can wipe off the unnecessary dirt under their paws. Remember, cats would be really uncomfortable if they find their paws dirty, and so they would always find a material or an object where they could wipe clean themselves.

Complementary to the cat litter boxes

Cat litter boxes have become necessities for households with pet cats. It is in this mini-furniture that cats eliminate their stool and urine. As animals, it is just natural that cats would urinate and excrete feces, and the problem would arise from their choice of where to do such activities.

If you are a cat owner and you have already invested in a cat litter box, you should make the investment do its function better by further investing in cat litter mats.

The cat litter mat should be placed under the cat litter box. The function is very logical. After the cat has gone out of the litter box, of course, the paws would be covered by dirt and several pieces of tiny litter.

Once the cat steps out of the box, it would be helpful if would immediately step into a litter mat. The cat litter mat would wipe clean the cat’s paws that should be covered with a little dirt and litter from inside the litter box.

Instinctively, the cat would wipe itself and would step out of the map once it feels that its paws are already clean and litter-free. Without the cat litter mat, the cat would be forced to find some other material or household furniture that would serve the purpose.

Investing in cat litter mats would help you prevent the cat from wiping it paws clean in the floor carpet, at the top of your bed, or any other clothing material around.

Other logical function of the cat litter mat

Of course, with its soft material that is basically consisting of polyethylene, the cat litter mat could serve other purposes other than being a complementary material to the cat litter box.

You could also turn the cat litter mat as a place for feeding your beloved feline pet. Just put the mat out under the litter box, and place the feeding bowl on top of it.

Doing so would help prevent cat food and liquid from spilling onto the carpet or floor. The mat would functionally serve as a place mat, that would help the surrounding area of the food bowl mess-free.

Some cats would also prefer to lie down or sleep over the cat litter mat because they find the mat very comfortable. Of course, you should let the cat do what it wants with the mat.

Cleaning the cat litter mat

The cat litter mat would also not be a significant investment. That is because like any other mat, the item could be reusable. There is certainly no need to buy a new litter mat if the old one turns dirty.

Just like cleaning other mats, all you have to do is to dry clean the cat litter mat. Manufacturers also recommend a simple cleaning procedure—just shake out the litter and tiny dirt out of the mat. It is that simple.

You are not required to wash the litter mat as detergents may leave scents that could repel the cat’s olfactory senses. Remember, cats’ sense of smell is about 14 times sharper that humans’.

Where to buy cat litter mats

Cat litter mats are sold in the market at different sizes. Buy the size that fits your preference and that you think would be truly functional.

You can easily buy cat litter mats at your nearest pet supply store, or in the house furniture retailers. Orders can also be placed online, for your utmost convenience.

Invest in cat litter mats, as well as you invest in other cat materials and food. Over the long term, you would surely find that the investment is well worth it. Your relationship with your feline pet would consequently be improved.