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Teaching a Dog to Heel

Teaching a Dog to Heel

When your beloved pet dog tends to behave in an unruly and naughty manner, you feel very irritated and annoyed of your pet. This also makes you feel guilty as you do know that your dog is not doing this on purpose and he only needs proper house training. Also, dog behavior problems can be a result of more serious issues such as fear, insecurity and an unhealthy diet. However, you do not need to lose hope as there are a number of dog training techniques available along with certain crucial dog training tools which will be very helpful in taming your beloved pet whilst out and about, and teaching a dog to heel.

The leash and clickers are some of the tools which will prove to be extremely useful while training your dog and teaching him the right manners and habits. So, let’s get an overview of the different ways the training tools can be used and let’s start with the leash. I would like to mention that the leash is actually among the most useful and sensible tools which can be used by you for the dog training. Apart from enabling you to control your dog and his movements, it is quite helpful when you’re walking your dog outdoors and fear that he can run off on a whim. The length and type of the leash is extremely important and you can select a leash depending on what exactly you are planning to teach your dog. Leashes are available in different materials and handles, depending on the individual purpose they are designed for.

The next important dog training tool is clickers as well as bells. These are used by a number of dog trainers since quite some time and have proven to be extremely successful in the canine training. The reason for this is that the dogs tend to form a habit of expecting and listening for a bell or a clicker before making a move if they are used for initiating commands. This basically makes your dog understand that certain commands are supposed to be looked forward to and followed. In fact, you can even reward your dog with their favorite teats so as to let them know when they have behaved in a decent manner and encourage this behavior. Also, the bells and clickers at very cheap and easily available in any pet accessories shop.

The pylons and flags are another type of the dog training tools used for training dogs and handling dog behavior problems. These tools can be used for training small breeds of dogs or the Bulldog training and it is the perfect way of house training. The dog will come to know his boundaries and limits whenever and wherever they see pylons and flags and this is just perfect for backyards with no fences. Some other training tools which can be used are toys, electric collars and fences, crates and many others. The use of tools basically depends on what exactly you want to train your door for and you can get information about the same in any dog training school or over at HealthForDogs.net.