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Struggling With Ferret Odor? – 5 Features To Have In An Effective Air Purifier

Struggling With Ferret Odor? – 5 Features To Have In An Effective Air Purifier

Ferrets are cute little creatures that provide entertainment as much as you’ll let them. They can also be the source of odor, including urine odor. An air purifier with the following 5 features will allow you to have a clean smelling home and your ferrets too.

Carbon Filter—Long recognized as the leader in gaseous filtration, a carbon-based purifier is a must in order to be effective against any odor. Because not all odor from your pet is urine, it is important to have it as a base so that both pet-related and normal household gases and fumes are effectively removed.

Additive for Urine-As effective as carbon is at removing gaseous pollutants, by itself it is not effective against urine. It needs an additive that is able to remove the ammonia that urine releases. A unit that has enhanced carbon for can take out the smell so well that your friends and family will wonder if you still have your pets.

Steel Case—Pets can get really curious about the things around them. Their mouths and paws are their favorite ways to explore.. Cases made of plastics can case problems on several levels.

Many times the motor heats up the plastic causing it to off-gas unhealthy and even harmful fumes into the air. It is also more easily broken off by strong teeth and claws.

Steel, on the other hand, does not off gas and is virtually impossible for your pet to break off pieces that may lead to choking or worse

Multiple Filtration Speeds-When there is more odor in the air, your cleaner needs to have the ability to eliminate it faster. Having the option of low, medium, and high speeds lets you keep ahead of the embarrassing build up of any kind of odor. This means you can always count on walking into your home or kennel that smells fresh, clean, and inviting. Fresh smelling air will put the focus on your pets not their smell..

Multiple Filters—Even though odor may be your primary concern, as a pet owner you know that hair and dander are issues as well. Having these big and not so big particles trapped by filters that are specifically designed to remove particulates save the carbon filter for gaseous pollutants.

To be effective the cleaner should be able to remove both big and medium size particles that are visible without magnification.. This is best done with 2 filters—large and medium particle pre-filters.. And a HEPA filter is especially useful because it traps microscopic pollutants as small as.3 microns in size.

With all of these filters and features working together in one purifier, you are sure to remove odor and particles from your air. Clean air is good for everybody who lives with you.