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Socializing Your New Puppy

Socializing Your New Puppy

You have waited for the weekend when your new puppy is finally old enough to be brought home, and now that time is finally here. Naturally you are going to want to show your new “baby” to the world. Just keep in mind that your puppy is going to be scared at first, because for 8-10 weeks they have been used to being around their mother, with exposure to nothing else. So start introducing them to outside elements gradually. If you expose them to one new thing each day, such as a noise, a new person, a new object or situation, by the time that they are six months old, they will be socially adjusted to just about anything.

Helping to Use Everyday Items for Your Pups Benefits

Puppies are curious creatures by nature, and who can blame them? From their standpoint, it’s an exciting world out there, and they want to explore all they can. Take advantage of their curiosity by exposing them to a different situation each day. This will get them used to their surroundings, and make them more adaptable with people, other animals, locations, and outside noises such as construction or a car starting up. Sounds inside the house such as running water or the dryer going into spin cycle are sounds they will get used to hearing after the first few weeks of having them home.

Learning New Tricks and Interacting with Family

This part of owning a puppy is one of the most enjoyable parts. You will love watching them explore, learn new tricks, interact with family, friends and strangers, form bonds with other dogs, and quickly adapt to their new surroundings. Remember, if you are with them it will mean that your pet feels secure and knows you won’t abandon them during this exciting first stage in life. It’s like building blocks for babies.

Introducing Your Puppy to New Areas or Situations

When introducing your puppy to new situations, they should never be scared after a few minutes of being in the situation. If they are, take them out of the situation and try again later. Your puppy will eventually come around and will one day surprise you with being a well rounded pet. Proper socialization is the key to your pet getting along with other people and pets as it grows older. The effort will be well worth it in the end, and you’ll be glad you put in the time when your friends and family comment on how well behaved your canine is.

Final Thoughts

A dog that is well socialized will make for a happier and healthier pet. Canines are social animals by nature, and it is up to their owners to bring this trait out. Dogs that are well rounded tend to live longer and have less health problems; it also allows the dog to be safer for bringing over company because the dog is used to people. This is because being socially active gives them feelings of greater self worth and happiness. As the old saying goes “a happy dog is a healthy dog”.