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SitStayFetch – Dog Obedience Training Book Review

SitStayFetch – Dog Obedience Training Book Review

The first thing I noticed when I purchased Sit Stay Fetch was that it is meaty.

SitStayFetch is one of the most comprehensive and complete dog ownership tools I have found. Let me say upfront I am a big fan of this Dog Training Package. I was very
happy when I discovered it and have used it to great effect with my own dogs ever since.

Sit Stay Fetch is over 150 pages chock full of all the latest dog training methods and techniques. This, along with the 4 free bonus books that come with it cover every aspect of responsible dog ownership and training.

From before you bring home your new puppy or older dog, right through to advanced obedience training, it seems nothing has been left out of SitStayFetch. If you have a specific question or problem that isn’t addressed you can even email the author Daniel Stevens for the answer! (This is another free bonus that comes with Sit Stay Fetch).

Daniel, who is a professional dog trainer clearly knows his stuff, he has a deep understanding of how dogs think, and what motivates them to do what they do.

What You Get In The SitStayFetch Package

1. SitStayFetch – Dog Training To Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Training

Well over 150 pages jam packed with dog care and obedience training advice. It also includes more than 100 photographs which prove to be a great visual learning tool. The book is very detailed and descriptive and offers clear step-by-step solutions to your dog issues. The main book is broken up into 9 separate chapters, which I discuss in more detail below.

2. Bonus Book 1 – All The House Training Methods and Tricks

Everything you need to know to quickly and successfully house train (potty train) your new
puppy or even older dog. The two most effective methods of house training are discussed
and described in detail.

3. Bonus Book 2 – Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dog

One of the key areas to learn and apply if you want a happy and obedient dog. This e-book is based around dogs having developed as pack animals and how you need to maintain the proper hierarchy in the owner-dog relationship. I found this part of SitStayFetch to be most beneficial in curbing some dominant/aggressive behavior in my Dalmation, Harrison.

4. Bonus Book 3 – Dog Grooming Made Easy

This book explores the different bathing, grooming, dental and clipping techniques needed to
keep your dog looking and feeling in peak condition. There are also some very
useful tips in this book on detecting early signs that something may be wrong with your dog.

5. Bonus Book 4 – Tips On How To Security Train Your Dog

It goes without saying that if you are considering training your dog to be a guard dog, you
need to do it the right way. This book outlines the correct methods needed to security train
your dog.

6. Bonus 5 – Free Email Consultation With Daniel

This is a great add-on to the SitStayFetch package, it can be used for any specific dog
related query you may have. Whether you are struggling to correct a behavioral problem or
would like to teach your dog a new trick
, you can use this consultation to find the answer. I actually used this free service to fix a destructive chewing habit my mum’s Shih Tzu had developed. It took a couple of days to receive a reply from Daniel (or one of his team) but it was very thorough and did the trick with little Macy (the Shih Tzu).

Topics Covered Within SitStayFetch

As I mentioned earlier Sit Stay Fetch really is the complete dog ownership and training
It’s not really fair of me if I detail every topic Daniel has included in the books, but I’ll just outline the 9 Chapters that provide the books framework.

  1. It’s A Dogs Life
  2. Caring for Your Dog
  3. Training Methods Revealed
  4. Secrets To Understanding Your Dog
  5. Dog Problems Solved
  6. Commands To Start With
  7. Dog Whispering Uncovered
  8. More Dog Problems Solved
  9. Advanced Commands and Tricks

Some specific tips in SitStayFetch which I have personally found to be very useful:

  • Daniel discusses and explains many of the dog training techniques and methods being used today. He then picks out a couple which he believes to be superior to the others. He bases this on personal experience and most importantly results. A relatively new technique called Dog Whispering receives a strong endorsement from Daniel.
  • The right age to start your dog off with the various commands and techniques is also covered in detail. For example it is important to start your young puppies off with very basic obedience commands and short sharp training sessions. At this early stage in your puppies life anything else is pointless.
  • Another great insight Daniel gives is that you should never call your dog over to
    reprimand him.
    This is because dogs need to be praised or disciplined within two or three
    seconds of their action (or inaction). So if your dog is disobedient, then you call him over
    to discipline him, he will think you are angry at him for coming to you. He will have
    forgotten all about the thing you are actually trying to discipline him for.

The list of Dog Problems addressed in SitStayFetch is extensive and is backed by real life
case studies:

  • Aggression
  • Thieving
  • Biting and Nipping
  • Travel Problems
  • Coprophagia (poop eating)
  • 2 Dogs In The House
  • Destructive Behavior
  • A Death In The Family
  • Digging Holes
  • Bad Breath
  • Disobedience
  • Cat Chaser
  • Dominance Aggression
  • Flatulence
  • Fear of the Leash
  • Fleas
  • Fights Between Dogs
  • Hot Weather And Heatstroke
  • Nuisance Barking
  • Jealousy
  • Off-Leash Problems
  • Jumping On Furniture
  • Jumping On People
  • Worms

These are the Obedience Training Commands and Tricks Explained in Sit Stay Fetch:

  • Come (Recall)
  • Roll Over
  • Sit Stage 1
  • Seek (Find)
  • Okay and No
  • Training Program
  • Hold and Leave
  • Advanced Sit and Stay
  • Sit Stage 2
  • Advanced Seek (Find)
  • Sit and Stay
  • Beg
  • Down (Drop)
  • Fetch (Retrieve)
  • Heel Stage 1
  • Catch
  • Heel Stage 2
  • Shake
  • Heel Stage 3
  • Climb
  • Stand
  • Crawl
  • Wait
  • Jump

What Type of Dog Owner Would Benefit Most from SitStayFetch?

The easy answer is probably – any responsible dog owner. But more specifically:

  1. Anyone who is just about to get a new puppy or has just recently brought one into their family. If you bought SitStayFetch at this stage you would be able to use it immediately and right throughout your dogs life. It will help prevent any behavioral problems and correct any which may develop along the way.
  2. Anyone interested in addressing a specific behavioral problem in their dog. This type of user would go straight to the relevant section of SitStayFetch and begin to remedy the problem immediately (or even use the free email consultation).
  3. For a dog owner who wishes to teach their dog a difficult or advanced level command.

My Experience With SitStayFetch

I read the books from cover to cover when I first downloaded them (they are also available to order in hard copy). I picked up heaps of useful and useable tips right from the start. I was soon applying the recommended dog training techniques and have now
had great results with my own and families dogs. Even now, if one of my dogs looks to be developing any behavioral problems I reach for my copy of Sit Stay Fetch.