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Shih Tzu House Training – How to Change Your Puppy’s Shy, Timid Behavior

Shih Tzu House Training – How to Change Your Puppy’s Shy, Timid Behavior

If you are a new proud daddy or mommy of an extremely shy shih tzu puppy, Do not fret! This is a behavioral characteristic is fear-based and is very common for a puppy. It is a well known fact that in every litter, there will be at least one shy shih-tzu puppy and it needs a little more care than the normal puppy. However, you need not worry as shih tzu house training is not difficult at all!

First, we need to understand the cause of this fear. When the shy shih tzu puppy grow up, it can develop unwanted behavior like neediness and always looking towards its owners in any situation it may be. This may seemed harmless but do you know that this need to “run to mommy or daddy” every time it gets scared, your puppy may start to initiate aggression if it is not getting the soothing attention. This what is known as aggression induced by fear.

Do you know that if you constantly caress and soothe your shih tzu puppy whenever it shows extreme shyness or if it gets frightened, you are actually reinforcing this behavior? Of course, it is difficult and hard to ignore your scared puppy when it needs you… it is like your own baby crying for help and how can you not rush over to cuddle the helpless baby? But know that if you would like to change your puppy’s behavior and help your puppy to grow up to be a bold and social animal, you have to let your puppy know that it is “okay” to be afraid.

How To Help Your Shy Shih-Tzu Puppy Change

When you first have your puppy, you need to observe your puppy. If your puppy is showing signs of fear and timidness, then patience is needed when you help your puppy adjust. Coax your puppy along but you must let your puppy realize that you are not its protector anymore. First and foremost, you must start stop your puppy’s behaviors that it is used to doing when it gets scared. For example, behaviors such as barking while hiding behind your legs when startled, darting away whenever seeing a normal part of the outside, like a person walking or a bush swaying by the wind, etc.

Two simple tips that you can use to help your Shih Tzu puppy to become less shy:

Tip 1. If your puppy often bark or cry whenever people approach it, you need to correct this behavior by informing and explaining to your family and friends to ignore your puppy fear-induced barking or crying. So when these people naturally ignore your puppy barking or crying and not stop the approach, your puppy will learn that this behavior do not work in its favor. Thus from now on, your puppy will start to understand that fear-induced barking does not really work and will stop.

Tip 2. In a situation where your puppy needs to interact with guests, you should always secured your puppy with a lead. The bring your puppy along as you approach the guests. Thus whenever your puppy gets frightened and starts crying, barking or even hiding behind your legs, you must act in a confident manner without any attempt to pet or soothe your puppy. In other words, you ignore the cry of your puppy to be comforted. This will help your puppy become more brave while letting it know that such behaviors will not work anymore.

These simple shih tzu house training tips can help you train and correct the behavior of your puppy before the situation gets out of hand.