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Secret Service Jobs Defined

Secret Service Jobs Defined

“I want to wear a suit and walk next to the president…..”

Is that what you are thinking? Secret Service jobs are a great goal… ….but it’s not a reality when you first start the job.

Before you start filling out the application, be sure to study the agency inside and out. It’s much, much more than just “guys that wear suits and use earpieces….”

For example, here are 2 uniquely different positions you can apply for:

1. Secret Service Uniformed Division – Just like a police force, the Uniformed Division dresses in uniform! However, just like a police force…. there are positions that don’t require wearing a uniform (i.e. detectives, bomb sniffing dog units, etc…).

Within the Uniformed Division, you can work on many different units. For example, did you know the Countersniper Division falls under the Uniformed Division? Also, there are canine divisions, plain clothes positions, post standing positions, tactical teams, and of course… Sargents, Lieutenants, Captains, and so on.

As with any job, there are pros and cons. Secret Service jobs are no different. I can’t stress this enough… too many people land this job and immediately find out it’s not for them. Don’t make the mistake of going through a 2yr application process and finding out the job is much different than you thought.

As for me, my passion evolved and I mustered up the courage to walk away and start a dream! And…. to date, I have my very own line of Kettlebells, 2 books, too many ebooks to count, fitness videos, and an entire online blog empire!

2. Secret Service Agent – These guys typically wear suits. Within SA, one can perform investigative work, join a tactical team… and even walk by the president! This is the infamous team of guys in black suits with ear pieces.

Keep in mind: The guys walking near the president don’t perform that duty their entire career. So, start thinking what other positions you would be interested in, because again the Secret Service is about much more than guys walking next to the president.

Note: There are other positions as well. Be sure to perform thorough research on the Secret Service website.

Summary: Secret Service jobs can be a very rewarding way of life. International travel, excellent pay, great benefits, and all the excitement you can ever handle! That said, I want you to really do your homework before diving into any one particular division.