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Rottweiler Training Basics For Perfect Behavior

Rottweiler Training Basics For Perfect Behavior

Rottweiler Training Basics

Looking at a Rottweiler, you might think that Rottweiler training is a very tough job primarily because this is a very tough-looking breed of dogs. In reality, though, Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs who are very eager to learn and work for their masters. These traits make Rottweiler training a lot easier than you might expect.

Perhaps the most important reminder as regards Rottweiler training is that it has to start very early in the dog’s life and continue until he is about two years of age. The two most basic and essential types of training that your dog must undergo are potty training and obedience training. These two basic trainings will ensure that your dog knows exactly what you expect of him and that you have complete control over him.

A Rottweiler thrives under positive reinforcement, which makes it a very important tool in Rottweiler training. In the same way, punitive measures should never be used and corrective measures must be limited to verbal reprimands using a sharp tone of voice. If you have decided to hire the services of a professional trainer and you find that he is being too rough on your dog, switch to a different trainer immediately. Rottweilers have a tendency to become more aggressiveness when violence is used on them.

A Rottweiler normally observes a pecking order. This means that your dog will only respect and obey you if you prove that you have complete control. In fact, it is normal for a Rottweiler to try to bully you into giving in to what THEY want. This is how they test your leadership and control over them. Therefore, before Rottweiler training can formally begin, you will have to establish your role as pack leader first. Once your leadership is established, you shouldn’t have any more problems and training your Rottweiler should be a breeze.

Rottweiler potty training should be first on your list when you formally begin to train your dog. One thing you should keep in mind is that this part of Rottweiler training requires a great deal of patience. A young Rottweiler normally has very little control over his bladder and bowel. Therefore, you may have to take him out to the designated elimination spot even as early as two in the morning. It usually takes up to six months for a Rottweiler to have complete control of his bladder and bowel movement as well as to fully understand what you expect of him. Meanwhile, you should maintain your patience.

Obedience training, while significantly more comprehensive than potty training, often goes a lot more smoothly. It is best handled by a professional dog trainer who knows all of the best techniques to ensure that you are able to raise an obedient and well-mannered dog. You could also handle obedience training by yourself, in which case it is advisable that you take advice from an expert regarding the right training methods and techniques. And never forget to conduct the training with lots of patience and love.