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Names For Chinchilla Pets – How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your New Exotic Pet

Names For Chinchilla Pets – How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your New Exotic Pet

Naming a new pet can be a fun, easy thing to do for some people. For others, however, it can be challenging or even overwhelming. How do you go about picking a name for a new chinchilla? Keep reading and you will find lots of suitable names for chinchilla pets in this article.

Some people choose their chinchilla names before they even bring them home. Other people wait a while before deciding on their new pets’ names, so they can see what their personalities are like and choose names that would suit them well. There are a large number of creative names that fit these furry little critters very well.

Some chinchilla owners name their pets based on their appearance. For example, Sugar, Salt, or Pepper can indicate the color of a chinchilla’s fur. Other names that are based on appearance include Fluffy or Speckles, for example. If you own a chubby chinchilla, you might consider naming him Hefty. Or, if your chinchilla is small and thin, Wimpy might be a good name. Sonar is another popular appearance-based name because these little guys have such great big ears.

Other chinchilla owners prefer to use names that are based on their behavior. For example, chinchillas can be physically very active, jumping and climbing all over their living space. In the wild, chinchillas live in the mountains, climbing rock faces and escaping their predators by jumping into mountain crevasses. Some examples of creative names for active pets include Spunky, Feisty or Skippy. For calmer, more laid-back chinchillas that prefer sleeping over running all over the room, a name like Sleepy or Drowsy might be ideal.

Chinchillas tend to be set in their ways, so if the chinchilla you buy is active it will probably continue to be active for as long as you own it. Likewise, if you buy a chinchilla that is shy, it might always stay that way. It will take a great deal of work for you to help a shy chinchilla overcome its reluctance and become comfortable being handled. Bashful might be a good choice as a name for a shy chinchilla.

Still other chinchilla owners name their pets for where they originally come from. Andy, referring to these animals’ origins in the Andes Mountains, has become one of the more popular chinchilla names.

Finding a name that suits your chinchilla is a fun thing to do. In addition to the types of chinchilla names mentioned above, you might also consider naming your chinchilla for something you like. For example, you could name your chinchilla after your favorite rock band or TV actor. Favorite cartoon characters also make creative chinchilla names. The list of possibilities for good, creative chinchilla names is almost infinite. There are no specific chinchilla names that owners almost universally select. Instead, the emphasis is on finding a name that works for the individual chinchilla and its owner. Names are important, but chinchillas have so much built-in personality that you could almost name them anything. Although a chinchilla won’t respond to its name if it’s called, naming them creatively makes their owners feel like their furry pets are important family members.