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Making a Sexy Miss Piggy Costume With Items From Your Own Closet

Making a Sexy Miss Piggy Costume With Items From Your Own Closet

True I am already an adult but I can’t deny my love for one of my favorite American shows ever: The Muppets! For years and years I’ve watched the show, memorized the lines and imitated all my favorite characters. So this year for Halloween, I will be paying a tribute to my adorable show and dressing like one of the Muppets myself.

I am going to be Miss Piggy since I am also chubby, aggressive yet tender all at the same time. In fact, I plan on making a Sexy Miss Piggy Costume. I’m even thinking of choosing one of my friends to dress up as Kermit the Frog to be my boyfriend at the Halloween party we will be attending. But in order to look like Miss Piggy, a lot of work has to be done in order to make my Miss Piggy costume look flawless, and I will prepare it myself, with a little help from friends, and my own, closets.

First of all I will have to purchase a long blonde, messy wig from my local costume store to put on my head since I don’t have the right hairdo naturally as “the Pig”. I will take the blond wig and tease the roots and the ends to create that rock star image she always wanted in the show. But that’s not all I plan to do.

Then I’m going to dress all in pink with black leather boots. So the top I will be wearing will be pink and very tight exposing some cleavage with a huge star on it that says “MISS PIGGY IS YOUR DESTINY” so everyone can understand the meaning of Miss Piggy and what she’s here for. I’m actually sewing the shirt myself too!

My skirt will also be very tight and short, and will rock a wide black leather belt with it to match the black leather boots I plan to wear as well. Black fishnet stockings will also be worn under my skirt to give the look of a Britney Spears type Miss Piggy costume. Sexy, hot and one tough little Piggy.

The makeup includes foundation I will use on my face which is going to be absolutely pale and will make me look like a porcelain doll, pigs like Miss Piggy are light in color of course. Intense pink blush will be applied to my cheeks for extra attention, pink lipstick and dramatic eye makeup. I have to purchase dark blue contact lenses and false eyelashes to create Miss Piggy’s goo-goo eye look. She has large blue eyes with full lashes. A wide rubber headband with pig ears will be placed on my head to automatically finish off the look while I also wear a wide piggy nose.

Accessories will include huge pink chandelier-like earrings, a few big bracelets on my arms, and a very tiny purse just to store in my lip-gloss, wallet and cell phone. I’m thinking of creating more Muppets costumes for friends of mine who might dress up like Gonzo or Fozzy Bear and as I already mentioned as Kermit the Frog. It would be like a Muppets reunion for Halloween!