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Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches – Breeding, Sexing, Treatment, Conditions, Caging, Substrates, Humidity

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches – Breeding, Sexing, Treatment, Conditions, Caging, Substrates, Humidity

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Course: Insecta

Household: Blaberidae

Genus: Gromphadorhina

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Overview

Madagascar hissing cockroaches arrive from the island Madagascar. They are just one of the most common pet roaches about. Some popular names they go by are hissers, hissing roach, hisser or the scientific identify of Gromphadorhina portentosa. They are one of the handful of wingless roaches. They are terrific climbers and can simply climb plastic or glass. The hissing cockroach generally matures in about 3 to 6 months worthy of of time and can dwell in captivity for up to about 5 a long time. The hissing roach has been manufactured well-known by its dimension and hissing sounds that it will make. They extrude air out valves stomach. They use this hissing sound to scare of predators. Should really see the cat leap when it hisses ) They are very enjoyment pet roaches and pleasing to look at.


Experienced male and feminine madagascar hissing cockroaches are straightforward to sex. The male ordinarily has horns on its head (pronotum) and heavier antennae. They will make the horns as they get more mature so youthful nymphs are tougher to inform aside.


Breeding hissing roaches is seriously simple. The key important to receiving younger is lots of food stuff, warmth, dim and moist environment. Quite a few men and women marvel why their hissers will not breed and I have uncovered most of the time it is thanks to deficiency of warmth. About 85 to 89 degrees is exactly where I have found to create the most offspring.


Hissing cockroaches are simple to treatment for. This pet roach is 1 of the most fascinating of them also. 1st you want to get a thing that is big enough for them and have a minimal bit of bark, egg crates or a little something else for them to conceal in. They are climbers so it is a great thought to unfold about 2 inches of vaseline all around the edges of your cage as they can not climb past this. Some form of substrate like eco earth or other dirt like compound you can get at a pet shop. Make positive there are no additives to the combination like fertilizers as that can be damaging to your roaches. Food items can both be fruits and vegetable scraps or you can use various cricket feeds. I have discovered that they like yellow squash, carrots, oranges and apples a large amount. Citrus is really a single of their favorites and great for them. Cricket feeds will in some cases catch the attention of grain mites, which are harmless but irritating. Ground up egg shells can also make a excellent supply of protein for your roaches. For water you can mist your substrate a couple of periods a 7 days and keep orange slices in there as they will pull drinking water out of those. One more source is cricket drinking water crystals.

Illnesses or sick

If you recognize your roaches are nibbling on each individual other there could be a deficiency of protein. Egg shells, doggy food, cat meals or cricket feed are excellent resources of protein.

The madagascar hissing roach actually has a its on kind of mite. These mites will feed on the food items and saliva of the roach. They are harmless for the most section in tiny figures but if you have also several you will have to have to cleanse your roaches. The most effective way I located to do this is place them in a zip lock again with flour. Shake a little and it knocks off all the mites into the flour. Now mist your roach with water to take out all the flour off it. Not pleasurable but it performs.