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Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Supplies For Your Little Pet Lover

Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party Supplies For Your Little Pet Lover

All the cute characters from the Littlest Pet Shop – Stu, Chloe, Viv, Chet, and Squeaks… and all their friends – are ready for your child’s next birthday party. You can be too if you select some of the terrific Littlest Pet Shop birthday party supplies.

Set the table with a Littlest Pet Shop Tablecover, decorated with images of all those great characters. It makes for just the right atmosphere, right off the bat. Then get set for a good time.

Good times at a birthday party always mean cake and juice, of course. So, make your life easy with a Deluxe Pack that will help you serve the refreshments. It features plates, knives, cups… everything you need. It includes also a centerpiece featuring all the wide-eyed cartoon characters your birthday boy or girl loves. And, if you hang some Mylar balloons from the pack above the dining area, they’ll love you, too.

Give each guest a Cone Hat. Get set for shouts when the Squeaks Blowout gives out a cheer as they puff into it. Oh, and be sure to decorate the cake with the Littlest Pet Shop Cake Topper. It features several fun creatures in little baskets and provides the perfect complement to your creative cake design. It also makes for a great toy to put on your child’s shelf after the party is over.

Be prepared to record all the smiles you’ll see with a Birthday Message Camera. It comes pre-loaded with 35mm film and houses its own in-built flash. You never have to focus – just aim and shoot. Once the pictures are developed, each photo will display 1 of 6 special birthday messages along the bottom.

Get yourself a nice little memento, too. Get a set of Magnet Scenes. You can attach one to the refrigerator, another to the bedroom mirror. Put one in the car and be reminded of that special day everywhere you go. They’re also great for holding notes.

Of course, you have to write a note to stick it somewhere, right? Just pick up a set of 4 Littlest Pet Shop Notepads and that problem is solved. Each pad features Squeaks and his friend the gekko. Be sure to set some aside for yourself, though, because the birthday boy or girl is sure to want to make tons of messages with these.

If your little writer gets a little overeager just keep them busy with a Jumbo Activity Book. This mammoth book contains almost 100 pages of puzzles, games, and coloring activities. It also comes with its own box of crayons. This set is complete and ready to use right out of the box.

Once the party is a lovely memory express your appreciation to your guests and their parents by taking advantage of the themed Thank-You Notes. Now sit back and relax as all your party supply needs are easy with Littlest Pet Shop party supplies.