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Leisure Batteries: Why Are Energy Branded Leisure Batteries a Safe Bet for a Quality Product?

Leisure Batteries: Why Are Energy Branded Leisure Batteries a Safe Bet for a Quality Product?

Strong and powerful leisure batteries are vital when you are on holiday in your caravan or traveling along in your motorboat or motorhome. That’s why many people trust Energy brand batteries to run their prized home electrical run vehicles.

Energy branded leisure batteries are known for their reliability and quality. Energy Batteries are intended to work for operating the cyclic energy demands that are used in a large range of leisure solicitations, such as caravans, motorhomes and marine vehicles. It is a well trusted brand of batteries made for running these kinds of things that many people use every day.

Types of Energy Branded Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries come in different power levels, so you need to know the kind of Energy brand of these batteries your caravan or motorboat uses. They will supply a source of electrical energy to many sorts of appliances. There are three kinds of batteries: flooded deep cycle, maintenance free deep cycle, and AGM deep cycle.

Flooded Deep Cycle

The flooded deep cycle kind of leisure batteries are for budget minded people. They have a year warranty and Energy brand versions include a 75 AH and a 100 AH strength of battery. These would likely be used in smaller types of vehicles or other devices, so if you own one of these then be sure to double check to see if you can use this version of a leisure battery.

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle

The maintenance free version of deep cycle Energy branded leisure batteries come in a 75AH and a 105AH version and are sealed and also have a yearlong guarantee. They could be used in both smaller and medium sized types of vehicles and other devices. Be sure to check the manual for your device before buying a particular type of battery.

AGM Deep Cycle

The AGM version of the Energy deep cycle leisure batteries cost more, but they also last longer than the other two batteries. They are also sealed and come in strengths of 85AH, 110AH and 140AH and have a two year warranty. If you own a larger device or vehicle, then this may be the perfect choice for running it. However, be sure to check the manual to see the exact model of Energy branded battery you need to power your item.

If you own a motor scooter, marine vehicle or caravan then you likely will have heard of and have need to buy leisure batteries from time to time. These types of batteries can run your product for several hours or even days depending on how often it is used. Your manual should give you the answer as to how long it will work on a full charge.

They can then be recharged, so they save money over other types of energy sources. So, if you want to save money and energy, then look no further than buying Energy branded batteries for your needs.