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How Puggles Compare To Beagles And Pugs

How Puggles Compare To Beagles And Pugs

Puggles are cuteness personified. The cute quotient of this type of dog may be enough to convince many people that they want one of these hybrid dogs. Many people hear that they are hybrids of beagles and pugs, and expect that they will get basically either a pug or a beagle when they buy a one. Because of this expectation, many people are disappointed with their new puppies. Knowing how they differ from their parents, on both sides, can make your adoption process much easier, both on you and on the puppy.

Pugs are bred as companion dogs, and are generally mild-mannered pets. If you’re looking for a lap dog to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie with you, then this dog would be a great choice. A Puggle, however, is not the same. Where pugs are quiet, calm and mild-mannered dogs, these new hybrids are much more energetic and playful , and have very dominant personalities. They have inherited the stubbornness , and they couple that with energy, strength of character, and a very hyperactive personality.

Like Beagles, Puggles have very active, energetic personalities. They may come in a smaller package, but retain the energetic, even hyperactive, personality of a beagle. They also have a beagle’s penchant for chasing down the occasional (or not so occasional) interesting scent. Unfortunately, these dogs have inherited their directional sense from the pug, and tend to get lost a lot. They are better at being in-house dogs than living outside, and do not do well when left to wander, as on a farm or ranch.

In many ways, the Puggle is the best of both worlds, pug and beagle. That is true in many ways. Pugs have the small size of the pug, which is great for many families who don’t want a large dog. The energy of one can be overwhelming for someone who wants a companion and expects a pug, but finds out they’ve actually adopted a beagle in a small package, right down to the tendency to bay mournfully.

Similarly, the hound lover who gets a Puggle hoping for the playful, energetic hunting companion may find that the dog’s small size, short legs and poor sense of direction may be disappointed. Certainly if you are particularly interested in a pug or a beagle, you should get that particular breed, rather than trying to compromise with a hybrid.

However, if you are looking for an absolutely unique dog and are willing to adjust to a hybrid breed which may be a little unpredictable, then a Puggle may be exactly right for you. The key is in realizing that one is not a beagle with a short nose or a pug with long ears, but a completely different animal-literally.

The key in being happy with your choice is to look at the animal as its own breed, which of course it is, rather than hoping for certain characteristics from beagles or pugs. Knowing that they can be stubborn, and energetic, and fun, and get lost a lot, and love to play, helps you make the choice of whether a Puggle is the right pet for your family.