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How Dog Socialization Can Prevent Dog Fighting

How Dog Socialization Can Prevent Dog Fighting

Why do some canines fight with each other? Some canines are possessive over the attention of their owner which is the main reason. Some also fight over food, toys and territory, and others fight when they are restrained on the leash and cannot freely move, others fight out of their fear of being attacked by other dogs.

You must understand and know the reason why your canine wants to fight other dogs. This is the right way to prevent and transform your canine’s behavior. And thus you can prevent them from fighting over each other.

Dogs fight when they are anxious

One of the most typical reasons why dogs fight is out of fear. A dog that has no proper dog socialization or the one that has been mistreated may become fearful and will fight when it is put in a situation that is strange or when confronted with some threat.

When your canine is not fighting with some other canines or shows aggression to other people when it is at home but aggressive when it is out in the public, it is because your dog lacks the socialization skills to function without fear in new and strange situations. The right and best thing for you to do is take the steps to allow your dog to have some socialization.

Dog socialization is the best way to begin to overcome your canine’s fear. Start by taking your canine in a ride on your car. Or take your canine in some parks and canine walks where your canine can view a variety of different canines, and people, even from the security of your car.

Then do it slowly and surely by introducing your canine to some places. And if it expresses signs of anxiety, for example, trying to huddle close to you, putting its own tail between its legs and whining.

When this is the situation, try to immediately remove your dog from this situation and try again next time. This will be done several times until your canines are accustomed to the place and situation.

You can also take your canine to some dog obedience classes or clinics.

This will surely boost it’s dog socialization training once it has finished that dog class.

But be very sure you have identified the problem of your canine with the dog instructor. This way your canine will subjected to some lessons that will lessen stress or fear that is currently present in your canine.

This way the instructor may also suggest some tips and ways on how to curb your canine’s fear and aggression.

Dog socialization is equally important for your canine just like food and sleep. You must teach your dog good behavior so that you will not have problems when it grows up. It is also better if it is trained during its early years whilst your canine is still in its early puppy stages.