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Homeopathic Medicine May Work For Your Pet

Homeopathic Medicine May Work For Your Pet

Homeopathy has started to become a very popular method for treatment of animals. Many critics say this form of alternative medicine does not work. The results homeopathy gives are due to the fact that people think they have taken something that will help them get better. This phenomenon is called the placebo effect. However, pets getting better after taking this type of medicine seems to contradict the placebo effect.

Throughout Europe and Asia many veterinarians practice treating animals ranging from cat, dogs,horses and other animals with homeopathic pet medicines. The practice is less common in the U.S but more vets having been trying this form of alternative medicine.

Homeopathic vets usually prescribe single remedies to help with a pet’s medical condition. This is called classical homeopathy. Pets that have chronic conditions may have to switch remedies to correct their ailments. A trained vet in classical homeopathy will prescribe different medicines for different animals. They will examine the pet’s behavior and prescribe a remedy based on their behavior. The remedies have need to be changed after the pet’s condition changes. Chronic pet illness may require several homeopathic remedies before the illness subsides.

People that care for their pets and do not have access to a homeopathic pet doctor having been trying combination pet remedies. Homeopathy pet medicine combinations have become popular in the U.S. Combination medicines usually contain several homeopathic remedies in one pill. Many natural stores and large retail pet stores such as Petsmart are carrying homeopathic combination remedies such as Homeopet and Equiopathics.

These combination remedies treat a wide range of acute conditions such as anxiety, cough, travel anxiety and skin and itch relief for pets. Many of these combination medicines are easy to use. People may simple put the remedy in their pets water bowl or food tray.

Some trials with homeopathy pet meds have been done.

A pilot study was done with 767 individual pets consisting of 547 dogs, 155 cats, 50 horses, 5 rabbits, 4 guinea-pigs, 2 birds, 2 goats, 1 cow, and 1 tortoise.

The study found that dogs responding well to homeopathy for arthritis pain and epilepsy. Cats responding not as well to atopic dermatitis, gingivitis and hyperthyroidism

Most people do not even know they are buying homeopathic remedies for their pets with these combination medicines. They are simply looking for away to cure acute conditions without having to make an expensive trip to the vet’s office. Sales of homeopathic combination remedies for pets have been strong. Many people feel their pets have become better by taking these types of medications.