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Holly Mann and Honest Riches 3

Holly Mann and Honest Riches 3

Holly Mann has taught thousands of people around the world how to how to make money on the Internet and build up a successful home-based business by working online.

She has become known as “the Mother Theresa of Internet Marketing.” Her E-Book, Honest Riches, has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world, and has won the hearts of everyday people who want to break free of their daily grind and learn how to earn money at home.

Who is Holly Mann?

Holly Beth Mann is a 25-year-old American girl. Although Holly is originally from Wisconsin, she currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is the single mother of a 3-year-old boy named Josh.

You might ask why Holly lives in Thailand, and how she came to be a leading Internet Marketer.

When Holly was 16 years old she had the opportunity to become and exchange student in a foreign country. She was given a list of countries to choose from. She originally chose Zimbabwe.

However, after a twist of fate and a change in plans, Holly was informed that she would actually be going to Thailand. She fell in love with Thailand during her time there as an exchange student.

Holly later became a soldier in the US Army in Iraq, where she was a journalist, a photographer, and a web designer. After she experienced some injuries and foot surgery, she worked in Baghdad for 6 months, and became the youngest female working at the DHL airport.

A few other jobs Holly has held include janitor, laundry room girl, hostess, McDonald’s cashier, pet store clerk, security guard in a paper factory, cook, and vacuum cleaner salesman. sentence 4 (She points out that she considers herself to be a very bad salesman and that she only sold two of these highly-priced vacuum cleaners, to relatives.)

Shortly after leaving Iraq, Holly returned to Thailand. She made friends with a young Burmese girl, named Nuu, who lived next door. Nuu’s family had escaped the war in Burma, and her parents were working long hours to support the family. Burmese children in these circumstances were usually on their own most of the time. So Nuu was over at Holly’s place every day. And this was how Holly met the future father of her son – Nuu’s brother, a poor but hard-working farmer.

Life took its twists and turns, and Holly eventually found herself pregnant and single, but without sufficient finances. She did not want to work at a job which would require her to be separated from her new baby, so she started learning everything she could about how to make money online. She found herself living in a small room in her brother’s house, near Milwaukee, with her 4-month-old baby.

With $650 per month to live on (due to being a disabled army veteran) Holly began to supplement her small income money she earned on eBay.

After living for a year in cramped conditions and in an unpleasant neighborhood, hoping for a government housing subsidy which never came, Holly decided she had had enough. She sold everything she could (even her laptop, which was the hardest part of all) to buy tickets for her and her son to return to Thailand.

Once in Thailand, Holly moved into a cheap apartment. She went to a used computer shop, bought whatever computer parts she could find, and got help from a friend who put a make-shift computer together for her. It was far from state-of-the-art, but it worked.

Her landlord would not allow her to set up a regular Internet connection. She had to buy Internet cards and use her building’s switchboard phone line for dial-up. Her Internet connection was very slow, and she was often disconnected. The switchboard she was using had only four lines for the entire complex. Holly would stay online for as long as possible but would frequently lose her connection – even in the middle of uploading a website to the net.

Over a period of four months, Holly stayed up night and day – learning, practicing, and applying everything she could: about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Niches, List-Building, etc.

Within four months, Holly had raised her online income from $0 per month, to $12,000 per month.

It was after this that Holly created her first E-Book on how to earn money online. It started out as a short synopsis and a basic briefing of how Holly had become successful in making money online, and how others could do the same.

But since that time, Holly’s E-Book (and its subsequent editions) has become extremely popular. As of early 2008, her E-Book had sold over 25,000 copies all over the world. Holly has changed the lives of thousands of everyday people, and the thanks and appreciation continue to pour in.

Holly maintains interactive contact with her E-Book readers, through her own forum, as well as on her personal blog. She shares not only her successful Internet Marketing strategies and techniques, but also her personal experiences in life.

The third edition of Honest Riches is expected to be released in mid-August 2008. This 2008 edition of Honest Riches, Honest Riches 3, is not the same short-and-simple E-Book that she first created years ago – it is still simple to read and understand, but it is not short.

At 277 pages long, Holly’s E-Book covers everything you need to know about Internet Marketing, explained very simply and in such a way that anyone can understand.

Holly’s goal is to honestly help people succeed at Internet Marketing. And as part of this, she aims to put the scammers out of business. She holds in contempt the unscrupulous individuals who profess to be able to teach others how to make money online but who only prey on the needs of others and leach off of them financially, without giving anything in return. In other words, Internet Marketing “gurus” who make money “teaching” Internet Marketing but who do not honestly help other people succeed. Holly has, as one of her stated goals on her own website, the purpose to put these people out of business so that honest people can actually succeed and live better lives.

One of Holly’s most notable qualities is that she makes efforts to actually assist others, and to make sure they understand important concepts. Her writings are extremely easy to follow, and she does not write as if she assumes that you already know all about whatever it is that she is talking about. She explains new concepts and terms very simply.

Holly Mann has made a place for herself in history. Not through mere public-relations or more unscrupulous methods, but through her intelligence, diligence, honesty, and her willingness and abilities to help others.

In this day and age, people like Holly Mann are strong assets to our society and set a good example for the rest of us to follow. And in the field of Internet Marketing, honest and valuable help can be hard to come by and is a treasure when it is found.

Thank you Holly, for your decency, your humanity, and your guidance, in this ever-changing and evolving sphere of Internet Marketing, and in a changing world which so badly needs it now.