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Global Anticoccidial Drugs Market: By Animal Types

Global Anticoccidial Drugs Market: By Animal Types

The Global Anticoccidial Drugs Market is expected to reach $2.433 million by the end of 2020 growing at a CAGR of around 3.9% from 2014 to 2020.

Coccidiosis as a disease is present in almost all types of animals ranging from poultry, ruminants to companion animals. In poultry and cattle markets the incidence of coccidiosis has cost millions of dollars in treatment and preventive care being given. Also the trend of owning companion animals is also contributing to the increasing use of anitcoccidials, as dogs, cats and occasionally even horses are prone to coccidiosis and if left untreated it could lead to the death of the animal.

The global market for anticoccidials is increasing as the need for more and more meat, milk and milk products are required to feed the ever growing population. These factors make the farm animal market account for nearly 80% of the anticoccidial market.

1. Swine

As per the research, North America is the fastest growing anticoccidials market in case of pigs. The disease is more common and widespread in small pigs but is seen occasionally in growing pigs and boars. Increase in the intake of meat and its products are the major factor augmenting the growth of this market.

2. Poultry

Coccidia disease infects almost every poultry house worldwide. The entire life cycle of avian coccidian requires 7 days for completion. Short life cycle and large number of sporulating ocyst of parasites help in increasing the chance of contamination to a large population. The growth rate of the market is slightly lower due to decline in the poultry market over the last 5 years due to increased incidences of avian flu and other communicable diseases that are easily spreading to human from infected birds. The main aim of the market players will be to bring the communicable diseases under control. After that there will a steady growth in the poultry market which will in turn augment the growth of drug market.

3. Ruminant

Coccidiosis is one of the major diseases affecting cows. It especially affects calf of the age of 6 months to 2 years. Asia Pacific region, especially India, has highest number of cattle and does not have strict regulations regarding the health of cattle. Hence the market is expected to grow at a faster rate in Asia Pacific region.

4. Aquaculture

Eimeria is the only organism that is extensively known for causing the disease in water bodies. It mostly affects carp and marine fish. It affects mainly the carp and marine fish. Only Amprolium is used for the treatment of the disease in fish. The intake of fish and other aquatic organisms is very prominent across the globe. This fact gives the new entrants a good reason to invest in the drugs for aquatic bodies.