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Five Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Five Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

There are several benefits that come to mind to when I think about having a guinea pig for a pet. If you haven’t considered it maybe you should read the following article.

Reason #1 – Guinea Pigs Don’t Require A Lot Of Space

Although a cage for a single guinea pig should be at least 7.5 square feet that isn’t a lot of space to give up for all the benefits of ownership. It isn’t hard even in an apartment to find a suitable spot for this pet. Most apartments won’t allow cats or dogs but a guinea pig isn’t a problem.

They spend a good part of the time in their own space except when you give them floor time which should be supervised. So the small amount of space required doesn’t present a hardship under any circumstances.

Reason #2 – Low Cost Of Ownership

To get started with ownership there’s a little expense involved to purchase a cage, accessories, food and bedding but that won’t break the bank. After that, food and bedding will be the primary cost of care which isn’t very expensive. They’re small and don’t eat that much. Bedding is cheap if you buy in bulk and it doesn’t spoil to have it on hand.

If you give your guinea pig the proper care, vet bills will be nonexistent as opposed to a dog or cat that require regular shots and other things.

Reason #3 – They Make Great Companions For Older Adults Living Alone

Older adults living alone find guinea pigs to be great companions. They’re not just for children. They make great pets for any age but older adults find them easy to care for because they’re small and inexpensive to keep. Properly treated they bond well with people. You would be surprised how such a small animal can lift the spirits of an older adult.

Reason #4 – They Teach Young Children A sense Of Responsibility

I wouldn’t recommend a guinea pig for children under the age of six. Six is a good age to start with to teach a child a sense of responsibility caring for a pet. Piggy’s are easy for them to manage. They are pretty docile and non aggressive.

Small children should still be supervised while looking after their pet and during playtime. You can’t put a price on the benefits of teaching responsibility at this young age. The experience will carry through with them into their adult life. You will be thankful for the lessons they learn.

Reason #5 – They Are So Amusing to Watch Them At Play

This is my favorite and will probably be yours too. You can’t imagine how much fun they are to watch and interact with them during playtime. Put some toys out on the floor in a restricted area. They will play, scurry around and do silly things.

Guinea pigs shouldn’t be confined all the time. If you give them floor time and interact with them their personalities will really blossom. They’re not any different than other pets, they each have their own distinct personality. They will interact with you in several amusing ways.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, consider a guinea pig. You will form a loving bond with your  piggy and they will provide you many hours of pleasure.