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Fish Tank Pets – How to Spot an Unhealthy Fish Which You Should Not Buy

Fish Tank Pets – How to Spot an Unhealthy Fish Which You Should Not Buy

Our lives are generally positive: this is a fortunate, a good thing. But there’s problems and negatives that really must be dealt with too. The truth of the matter is that to be able to lead more positive lives, we had best learn how to avoid problems before they become serious ones. In those negative times, we need advice on what to refrain from, what not to do, as well as what to avoid…

This informative article then, is to assist you with buying healthy fish for your tropical, marine, or goldfish aquarium. However, it does not show you how or what to do. As an alternative it offers advice on 5 things you must avoid if you really want to avoid losing newly bought fish, and only buy and keep healthy fish in your tropical, marine, or goldfish aquarium.

Here then, will be the five items you should avoid:

1. Buying a fish which has a fungal infection and this may appear as erosion around the mouth. The reason you shouldn’t do that is that fungally infected fish may not live long and may infect your existing fish stock. Alternatively, it will probably work out far better any time you see such a fish to ask the pet shop assistant to remove that fish from sale.

2. Any fish offered to you which has bulging, opaque eyes or has gills that look flared. It is clear that some goldfish have been bred to have protruding eyes, and these are good to buy, except that don’t even buy one of these that has opaqueness in the eyes. And so, instead, you could get better results by simply avoiding that fish tank pet seller.

3. Any fish which has spots, ulcers or hemorrhaging, or wool-like tufts on the body. Clearly this really is to say that here we are talking of spots other than those which are a natural feature of the breed of fish. And what you need to do instead is only select fish which are free from spots, and if the pet shop salesperson tries to sell you a fish in this condition, politely decline the offer.

4. Steer clear of buying any fish which has mucous or slime around the body, or worms or mucous around the gills.. The key reason this is a blunder is that this is a clear indication that a particular fish is ill, and maybe was injured in transit to the pet shop or fish stockist. As an alternative you really ought to think of buying from a shop elsewhere.

5. Also look for and avoid buying any fish with a belly which is bloated, unless it is clear that the specimen in question will soon give birth, even if the species is hard to find. It will always be a temptation to do this but buying less than perfect stock in sympathy for the fish will not help to convince the seller that they must look after their fish carefully. Instead, it is best to keep in mind that if all fish lovers only buy from the sellers of healthy stock the standard of care at fish tank pet sales shops will improve

Make certain to steer clear of the 5 errors discussed above, take the alternative suggestions offered if you want, but regardless stay away from the errors, and your chances for ultimate success can be very much enhanced.