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Facts You Need to Know Before Putting a Ferret on a Cat Tower

Facts You Need to Know Before Putting a Ferret on a Cat Tower

If you’re like some pet owners, you may have a mixed household of pets. For pet owners with ferrets, they may wonder if a cat tower is a safe place for their ferret to play. Another concern is whether or not a cat and a ferret can share the same tower. Many also want to find out if it’s better to purchase more than one cat tower.

Ferrets love to climb and enjoy finding special places to hide. They would thoroughly enjoy little tunnels and boxes that come as part of many cat towers. However, even though ferrets are considered intelligent animals, they don’t seem to fully appreciate heights, or more accurately, how high is too high. Because of this lack of height recognition, it may be a good idea to purchase a cat tree that is on the shorter side.

Ferret owners have reported that their playful ferrets have fallen off the unit with no injury. making sure the base is fully secured so that it cannot easily tip over.

There doesn’t seem to be a conflict with cats and ferrets using the same cat tower to enjoy. In fact, one owner revealed that her older cat enjoyed perching on a high platform to stay away from the ferrets as they frolicked on the lower levels.

One word of caution is that your ferret may decide to use one of the lower boxes as a litter pan. Just be sure to take some necessary steps to keep the mess at a minimum. After all, they are animals!

Choosing the right cat tower for your pet takes a little bit of thought. Like anything else, the furniture that you buy for your cats and ferrets is only as good as the use they get. If your cat enjoys the comfort of a soft chair or pillow, then look for a cat tower than has a cushioned perch or landing. If they prefer to rest on the top of your table or bookshelf, then a harder, carpeted surface will work better.

You may also be able to condition you ferret and cats to use the tower for lounging and playing rather than using your “human” furniture. Very quickly, they can be trained to choose the landing of their cat tower that sits level to the kitchen table top rather than sprawling on the table where you eat!

As for how many cat towers you should purchase, that depends on the number of pets you own and the amount of space you have. Owners who have limited space find that a cat tower adds vertical space for their cats and ferrets to play. Some prefer to get a cat tree for more than one room in the house, providing maximum enjoyment. The choice is ultimately up to you…with the permission of your pet, of course!