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Engaging Young Children, and Supporting Their Education

Engaging Young Children, and Supporting Their Education

With young children starting school for the first time or returning to school after the long summer break many parents will be turning their attention to what they can do to give their child a helping hand in their studies.

It is difficult to find fresh and exciting content that can be used to entertain and engage younger children. There are books especially written for children, with bright coloured pictures, some have different material glued in to offer some tactile stimulus, and others have sounds built in to aid learning through auditory means.

However a book can be read a few times, and then may start to lose favour. Also in our modern world with dozens of television channels with hundreds of programmes all geared towards young children, it can be difficult to captivate the attention of a younger child for any significant length of time.

One area that is starting to gain favour in schools is the use of Magazines and Comics to aid in learning. Titles aimed at young children tick many boxes, as they are:

• Written for younger children
• A number are affiliated with programmes children are already familiar with e.g. Peppa Pig, Zingzillas, Waybaloo, Thomas the Tank Engine to name but a few
• Feature stories
• Feature make and do activities
• Feature puzzles, quizzes and maths problems
• Are fun, engaging and captivating.

As mentioned earlier these titles are starting to gain a lot of interest from schools, who will use these titles within their normal day to day learning through play lesson activities. A learner can pick a magazine about their favourite TV show character, and read through stories (or read with a grown up/parent/teacher).

Subscribing to a Comic or Magazine
As well as schools using magazines and comics within their lesson plans, we have noted a substantial number of parents and guardians purchasing subscriptions to comics and magazines for their younger children.

Subscribing to a comic or magazine has many benefits including:

1. The magazine arrives regularly, meaning the parent can schedule quality time with their child when each issue arrives
2. The Magazine can be addresses to the child, engaging the child even more as this magazine has arrived specifically for them (remember when you were young and mail would arrive with your name on)
3. Options of subscribing for 3, 6 or 12 months allows for the frequent changes in taste of the younger child, allowing the parent to switch to another title.

Top 10 Children’s Comics and Magazines

Compiled here is a list of the top 10 Magazines and Comics we sell to schools and parents through our Magazine Subscription superstore.

1. KiCK! – Football magazine aimed at 6-12 year olds
2. The Simpsons Comics – Full of comic strips, jokes and fun
3. Spongebob Squarepants – dedicated to the animated series
4. Beano – A household favourite for generations.
5. National Geographic Kids – an exciting and interactive magazine for children
6. Hannah Montana – Dedicated to the TV show, with behind the scenes looks
7. Shout – Aimed at 11-14 year old girls
8. Ben 10 – Dedicated to the animated TV show
9. Jacqueline Wilson – Aimed at Girls aged 7 – 12
10. Art Attack – Dedicated to the hugely popular TV show

There are many other ways to help your child develop, and support their school education. Magazines offer a fresh source of content and activities that you can use to engage your child. That is, after all, half the battle.