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Earn Money Online In Retirement – Crucial First Steps

Earn Money Online In Retirement – Crucial First Steps

Vital Niche Research

Get this right and your online business efforts will flow smoothly!

Yes, with your answers to the correct questions, you could well make progress which will astound you.

Why is this so crucial?

Without it, you will find yourself struggling for both content and motivation.

Now we will go into just what niche research is all about and discuss some ideas to inspire you.

Some people appear to be lucky and know instinctively what they want to say and whom they need to target, as followers and customers.

This is for the others, like me, who need to delve a little to find which way to go.

We could compare it to the world of offline business. It is easy to accept that when opening a new venture, we would not just take pot luck and set up any old shop on some random street.

We would think hard about what we have to offer – our goods or information, and exactly where would be most convenient for our future customers – our niche, to find our store or shop.

The incredible variety of opportunities online provides some of us with just too many choices. We need our research to make sure we focus our efforts.

My advice for novices is – begin by playing to your strengths. What do you know about? What are you passionate about?

If neither of those gives you an answer, what do you want to know about and be good at?

A great first question to answer is: ‘do I want to serve people by putting them in touch with goods they want to buy, or would I be happier and more successful at providing them with information, to make their lives better?’

Whichever route you choose, the research methods are very similar.

Go to the places your potential customers will go, spend some time searching and find out what they want.

For example, if you were a keen gardener, you might want to find the latest garden tools and gadgets which people are buying.

Set up an authority website, with links to help gardeners purchase what they want.

Online stores, such as Amazon, will be delighted to pay you a commission for every customer you introduce to them.

If selling real goods does not excite you, the good news is that the market for good quality information seems to be expanding, even faster than that for ‘things’.

Fans and enthusiasts will purchase books, ebooks, courses etc. on thousands of different topics.

Once again, good old Google can be your best friend. Go where potential purchasers are looking and check out what they are hungry for.

Are you an animal person? The market for pet products and accessories is both massive and growing. Could you be the first person to coach people how to win when wrestling with their cat?

Teaching parrots to talk has been done, but do you know of a better way? Or a better bird to teach?

Just like in the offline world, an online business succeeds by putting the right product in the right hands at the right price.

The beauty of internet marketing is that we need not ‘get our hands dirty’ by handling physical products.

Simply study and learn how to put buyers and products in contact.

If the product is yours, the customer pays you. When you find buyers for online stores or product providers, they pay you for your efforts. This is known as affiliate marketing and is my chosen way into the world of online business.