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Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review

Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review

To say there are a few dog behavior products available would be a massive understatement, and yet people still find it difficult to acquire a product that actually works. There is a very good reason for this dilemma, most people have not found Dan’s website! Have you enjoyed watching the Dog Whisperer hard at work on television? If so you are going to love Dan and his membership site which will give you an inside look at his techniques and training.

Doggy Dan, Who?

Those who know and love the program affectionately refer to this trainer as Doggy Dan, kind of catchy don’t you think? Who is this guy? Well for starters he is a fellow with a ton of dog experience. He is a full time trainer and speaker and has helped thousands address issues with their pets. Sometimes it is the dogs behavior that needs correction, and sometimes it is the owners!

After watching him for a short time you will see his love and care for the animals is without question and he wants to share his knowledge as far and wide as possible. Why would he do this? Because he trusts his techniques and wants to ensure the health and happiness of as many dogs as possible. (and of course their humans)

Let’s Talk About Membership

Overall a membership grants you access to Doggy Dan’s entire website. Inside you will find more than 100 videos showing you exactly how to solve common issues through interaction with your pet and training. You will not find this much information in most training manuals, this is a huge website! This is one of the wonderful things about membership, you get access to all the videos currently on the site, plus any new videos to come. To top it off you have 24/7 access.

Before you become alarmed about information overload, you should know Dan has broken the site down into easy to access sections. Of course, you will first want to learn his secret to effectively training dogs.

It is not so much a secret as it is learning to understand the natural behavior of your canine and how you can become the “leader of the pack”. As soon as you establish this fact, your dog will become more obedient due to natural respect for you as their leader. Anyone, yes anyone can learn to lead the pack, no matter what you have experienced with your dog so far or how you are around people.

Once you have established yourself firmly as leader you are ready to move through the rest of the sections on the site. Perhaps you are dealing with specific behavior problems, this is probably the number one reason pet owners seek out training assistance. Their dog has problems with anxiety, aggression, barking, jumping or a combination of these problems. Dan has a section that will teach you why your dog behaves this way and how to turn it around.

Do you have a lovable puppy? They have their very own section that will teach you how to train your puppy from the very start, and address any behavioral problems that crop up along the way. When you start out early you can avoid issues with future bad behavior by nipping it in the bud!

Doggy Dan the online dog trainer will teach you the essentials of dog training. For example, did you know you can learn to read what your dog is trying to communicate? By understanding their body language and understanding how they are responding to you, training becomes much simpler.

Similarly you will learn how your tone of voice and body language can convey messages to your pet. This is a powerful tool in training and at the same time you will still be able to garner their respect as leader of the pack. It will probably come to light that your current tone of voice and body language are speaking volumes to your dog, and it is not that you are the pack leader!

The Online Dog Trainer Pros

Access- 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Since this is a membership site your schedule or location in the world doesn’t matter, you can access all the videos whenever you have time. Learn how to interact with and build a better relationship with your dog by learning the basics of training at your leisure.

3-Day trial for a $1! What can you buy for a dollar? Doggy Dan gives you an inside look at the site so you can test drive the program before deciding on a membership. If you decide to take the next step it is a mere $37 per month, which is really peanuts when it comes to hiring a professional dog trainer, they cost hundreds of dollars for just a couple of sessions.

Complete training is offered from puppy days to becoming the pack leader in your household. You will learn how to train, address behavioral issues and understanding your dog’s body language.

Doggy Dan instructs you on how to become leader of the pack with non-aggressive techniques, which is by far the preferred method. Animals who are trained using fear and aggression often become quite screwed up! Natural leaders do not use these tactics, and neither does Doggy Dan.

Finally, there is nothing better than a training in video format. Instruction booklets are nice, but when you have a visual you get to see the instruction in action as well as the dogs reaction to the training, all of which can be priceless to your own training efforts.

The Online Dog Trainer Cons

The biggest down side to the online dog trainer instruction is that you cannot download it and take it outside. In order to watch the videos you will need an internet connection, so unless your smart phone has internet or you have a wireless connection you may have to keep the training inside.


Who doesn’t like to get extras? In the members area there are four bonuses, these give you extra tools to understand dog training and most importantly how to be successful at it.

Is The Online Dog Trainer for You?

Do you have a dog? If so, Doggy Dan’s online training would definitely be beneficial. Throughout the training you will garner a better understanding of your pet, especially their natural tendencies. When you know your pet you are better equipped to deal with behavioral problems. In the end you will be a better pet owner and forge a stronger bond with your canine.