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Dog Allergies – Home Remedies

Dog Allergies – Home Remedies

Dog Allergies, Oh how many times I have found myself frantically searching the web for the “miracle cure” so I would not have to make yet another trip to my wealthy veterinarian. Scouring pages of info, looking for home remedies for my poor “Blue BO”. Trying to find any way to avoid him having to take yet more medications that make him so sad.

Well, I have had some success with his paws (for now). Here is how it all went down…

Me: “Oh Blue, what is wrong with your paw?” (it looks like a “Smurf” foot)

Blue: [sniff sniff, tail wagging]

Me: “Let me take a look Buddy… ” (upon inspection, I find what looks to be some type of sore in between his toe… yep, where’s the computer)

My buddy Blue is a 4 year old English Springer Spaniel (field bred) who has been suffering from horrible allergies for the last two years. “To what?” you ask… oh how I wish I knew… from what I can conclude… EVERYTHING! He first started showing symptoms around the age of 2. He got his first ear infection and things went crazy from there. I have spent countless hours at the vet and enough money to take the family to Disney… twice.

So, what’s a girl to do?… Yep I Googled that!

Step 1: Search for “sores in between dog toes”… click on images. After looking around for awhile I found a picture that matched. Clicked to visit site… found a chat forum… read awhile and found the very technical sounding term “interdigital cyst”… Wait!, I think I heard my vet say that before.

Step 2: Search Interdigital Cysts. Let’s get a read on what the heck these are. The Merck Veterinary Manual is pretty much my first go to for all things with whiskers and wet noses.

OK… so Merck says antibiotics again, etc etc etc. No way!

Step 3: Search for Home Remedies!!! Eureka!!!

Step 4: Prepare myself for the HUMILIATION!

The home remedy that I found included Epsom salt, Hydrogen Peroxide and… wait for it… Preparation H. That’s right, hemorrhoid creme. (instructions on procedure below)

It’s 10pm, I have to pick “The Tween” and her friend up from the roller arena 5 minutes ago and now I have to also stop at the pharmacy. So, what would any normal, respectable mother do? Ha!!!! I pick the girls up FIRST and convince them that the best way to handle this embarrassing situation is to be completely inappropriate. Why would it not be a perfect idea to buy Preparation H while scratching our butts the whole way through the store????

OK, products in hand, now time for the experiment:

1) Soak paw for 10 minutes in warm water with Epsom salt (I accidentally bought menthol, but it was OK)

2) Soak paw in pure Hydrogen Peroxide for another 10 minutes (man its getting late!)

3) Thoroughly pat paw dry and apply liberal amounts of Preparation H to the sores. (check out the fancy applicator lol!!)

Now I’m sure you are wondering… “did it work?”

After applying the technique 3 times a day for 2 days… the paw is back to normal and no bacterial infection ensued. Most times “Allergy” dogs tear these types of lesions or wounds apart creating a subsequent bacterial infection that lasts for weeks and can only be remedied with a trip to the vet.

Conclusion: Preparation H works on dog paws too!!!