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Divine Intervention – The Story of My Cat Pearl’s Miracle Recovery

Divine Intervention – The Story of My Cat Pearl’s Miracle Recovery

My cat Pearl was born in March 2000 in NYC, where we lived. She was a healthy young cat who suddenly began to show recurring flu like symptoms in the spring of 2002. The veterinarian initially said that it was probably nothing serious.

After three or four times on antibiotics, followed by improvement each time, Pearl, my sweet kitty, began to have mobility problems. I could see her having trouble controlling her legs. Paralysis was setting in.

A series of tests were taken–blood tests, x-rays, urine analysis, etc.

I was very worried by this point, and kept sensing she had a virus that was attacking her nervous system.

I had been a professional psychic Health Intuitive and Medium for eleven years by that time.

But this was my baby–the beautiful and loving little kitten I rescued from my backyard.

‘Objectivity’ was not my strong suit at that point, which is a ‘must’ to gain accurate psychic information.

Then the awful news came from a specialized blood test. Pearl had a horrible illness called Feline Infectious Peritonitis FIP –an illness that is certain to be fatal, only supportive care, no known cure. Cats usually die with a few months.

I was devastated, as I had just lost another other beautiful kitten to cancer.

I could not believe the fates were giving us this destiny.

The veterinarian gave me little or no hope.

Pearl was put on the usual care, prednisone for pain and suppressing the immune system, therefore keeping the illness from progressing and fluid therapy for hydration.

As awful as the situation got, I did not give up.

I decided to do research about this rare illness that was so feared and dreaded by the veterinarian medical community.

I found the website of a veterinarian in England. She was an expert on this particular illness, and explained, in great detail, how it attacks and affects the animal’s body.

After reading her information, I decided to research natural / homeopathic medicine. I learned what the virus was doing to Pearl’s body and treated it as such. By this time, she was totally paralyzed.

The veterinarian strongly pushed me to “put her to sleep” for there was no hope. I blatantly refused, which angered the veterinarian who obviously had some control and ego issues. My feeling was that I would do anything and everything that I could to help Pearl. Then if the Divine saw fit to take this loving cat, then so be it.

My intuition guided me. I started Pearl on a twice-a-day regime using the following– Spirulina to detox and oxygenate the blood, Vitamin C for the Immune system, Vitamin, E for healing process, Omega 3 fish oils, oregano oil for infection, Lecithin for signals from the brain to the spinal cord, Aloe Vera for inflammation and wheat grass juice as a cleanser.

The premise – as in holistic health care for humans was to clean the colon that carried all of the toxins and illness then use the vitamins and supplements to build the body up again.

Within two weeks of using this treatment twice daily, Pearl began to move again. She went from being totally paralyzed to walking… gaining strength little by little each day.

The Vets were amazed but still saw this as a temporary “stroke of luck” that was unrelated to my actions.

I was not affected by their prognosis and continued to make the “concoction” twice a day. I knew was helping Pearl. She would see the dropper coming toward her and dread having this nasty mixture nudged down her throat, but like children, animals do not like to take their medicine! But they must, so I made sure she did.

I continued this method for months, with Pearl continuing to improve. I switched to another veterinarian, who was more of a ‘team player’. He was interested and opened to my program after he saw Pearl’s improvement.

Soon Pearl was being deemed “The Miracle Cat” for it was unheard of that a cat with Feline Infectious Peritonitis would survive more than a few months.

She was recently retested for the progression of this disease and her number has been cut in half! 360 were her original numbers. They are now at 160… a few numbers away from the ‘carrier’ range!

Pearl is now “chunky,” and all of her other tests are normal. The only symptom she now shows is still weakness in her hind legs the veterinarian thinks that is from long term use of prednisone, which she will remain on till her numbers are in the normal range.

In the past six months, a few veterinary assistants have utilized the same treatment for cats that had the fatal illness leukemia as well as other animals with other health problems. The animals treated had a full recovery and were doing quite well.

In the case of a human subject, a friend suggested this regime to her 75 year old grandmother, a stroke victim, who was totally paralyzed. The doctors gave her little hope. Now, that woman walks with a cane, which is mostly for emotional support and security. This woman no longer speaks of “ending her life” but speaks of the gossip at the hairdressers shop that she still walks to daily!

I decided to utilize this health system for myself, having had health issues over the years. I have felt great improvement and vitality since utilizing Holistic and Natural Medicine.

I have come to see this whole experience as a life learning lesson, with my kitty, Pearl, being my teacher!

I think the point is to understand that we need BOTH western and Natural Medicine, which I integrated for Pearl’s treatment. She needed both to get better–one or the other probably would not have sufficed.

It has been fifteen months since Pearl was diagnosed with FIP. The experts said she would be gone well over a year ago, but she is still with us and getting stronger and healthier each day. I still have her on the program and she still runs when she sees that darn dropper coming. But that’s okay, because after she takes her medication, I give her treats and tell her how much she is loved and I thank her for being my gift and messenger from the Divine!

UPDATE! Since this article was originally published- Pearl passed away.The treatment that was given extended her life over 2 1/2 years. I am grateful for the gift of having such a loving and special friend in my life- that brought so much joy. Through her illness- she helped many- and most of all, me who was blessed and touched by having her in my life..

NOTE: I am NOT a Medical or Health care professional. I am simply am passing on my experiences in hopes it will help others. Always seek MEDICAL and HOLISTIC PROFESSIONALS before trying any treatments