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Different Types of Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Different Types of Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Did you know that rabbit is one of the most popular choices of pets worldwide. They are affectionate and lovable creatures who prefer to stay beside their owner. By nature, rabbits are intelligent, lively, inquisitive, trainable, playful and affectionate. They are ideal pets because you can leave them during the day provided they have another rabbit as companion.


According to history, domestic rabbits are descendant of the wild rabbits in Europe. They are also popular source of food and game animals in various European countries. They are introduced to other nations by travelers who looked for other food sources. Moreover, they were introduced to the Mediterranean region during the Roman times and in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Despite their adorable nature, rabbits entail lots of responsibility. Aside from giving rabbits nutritious foods, vitamins, care and love, it is also your duty as pet owner, to keep them safe from harm, from extreme temperature and from predators. It is preferable to keep your rabbits inside a cage or a hutch than let them roam around inside your house due to the numerous hazards found in your home. They are fond of chewing different things inside the house, such as paper, electrical cord, toys, books, furniture pieces and many more.

If you want to have a hutch for them, you have to select one from the different designs and types of hutches found in pet shops, stores and online retail sites. There are two major types of rabbit hutches found in stores, outdoor and indoor. Of the two, rabbits prefer the outdoor hutch because they can interact with the surrounding and they have proper ventilation.

Different types of rabbit outdoor hutches:

  • Basic single hutch – It is a one-story housing made of wood. It measures 24 x 30 inches long and has an opening door or roof.
  • Elevated single hutch – It is similar to single hutch, but it is elevated by four feet from the ground. This type of hutch is much easier to clean and you can keep your pets safe from predators.
  • Double-deck hutch – It is two-storey hutch that provides great space-saving option for pet owners because it can house two rabbits.
  • Triple-deck hutch – It is a three-storey hutch which houses three rabbits.
  • Deluxe hutch with run – It is a two-storey hutch with contraption, living quarters, trap door and adjoining ramp where they can move and roam around.

Before you one from any of the choices mentioned above, you should take note of the following factors important in any hutch:

  • Protection from extreme and changeable weather condition. If you want to place it outside your house, it should be sturdy and durable to withstand the changing weather, such as rain, snow and extreme heat of the sun.
  • It should provide adequate safety from predators. Make sure to choose one which is strong and durable to protect them from predators, like cats, dogs and wild animals.
  • Easy access. It should have large doors so your rabbit can get in and out easily. It also allows you to maintain and to clean the cage easily.

By choosing the right hutch for your rabbit, you are sure that your pet is safe from harm.