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Dalmatian – Dog Breeds

Dalmatian – Dog Breeds

Group: Non-sporting

Weight: 40-60 lbs

Height: 19-23 inches


The Dalmatian is a very old breed and it is believed these dogs are originally from a section called Dalmatia in Yugoslavia. Their endurance, size and guard dog ability made them a preferred breed by the English upper classes. In the 1800’s the Dalmatian was used more often as guard dogs and horse and carriage dogs. They protected the contents of the carriage by running next to them. Dalmatians were ideal for this seeing that they are very loyal dogs with lots of endurance. This breed was also used to guard the camps of the U.S. soldiers during both the first and the second World War. The Dalmatian is most often used as firehouse dogs.


The Dalmatian is very social and loves human attention. They are very responsive and will not do well when left alone for too long. If they become lonesome or bored to death they will become miserable and destructive. The Dalmatian is not suggested for homes with small children as they are quite lively. They will naturally get along with other household pets they have been brought up with, but exhibit hostility to dogs they are not familiar with. This breed is wary of strangers and makes and brilliant watchdogs. The Dalmatian will only bark when completely necessary.


The Dalmatian requires everyday brushing with a firm hair brush to reduce hair loss. Further attention should be paid to the coat during the heavy shedding seasons. Dalmatians should only be bathed when it is really deemed necessary, and a mild shampoo is advised to protect the coat and skin. These dogs will not do well in extreme climate conditions and are likely to have problems with ticks and fleas.


Dalmatians should not be trained by making use of negative reinforcement. Although these dogs are even tempered, they can become annoyed when punished or vocally mistreated. Keep on teaching your dog by means of positive reinforcement until they learn the instructions. Puppies are easier to train, but adult dogs can still be trained with some endurance and consistency.

Health problems

Dalmatians struggle with two major health issues, and these are deafness and kidney stones. These issues are really due to genetics and pure breeding, and sometimes also age. It is advised that you buy your puppy from an official breeder who tests their puppies with the BAER test. Kidney stones can cause your dog severe pain, but luckily it is not too common in most Dalmatians. Allergies and skin rashes may also crop up if your dog is bit by a flea or tick.