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Costs of Breeding Golden Retrievers – Something to Consider Before You Start Breeding

Costs of Breeding Golden Retrievers – Something to Consider Before You Start Breeding

Breeding Golden Retrievers is much more complicated than most people think. Moreover, it is much more expensive than most people think. If you suppose that breeders earn lots of money by selling puppies then you’ll be surprised to learn the truth – they barely “break even”. If you want to make some quick money by selling puppies – better find another opportunity. So what’s so difficult and expensive about breeding Golden Retrievers?

Time and effort
Reputable breeder is a person whose goal is to preserve or develop some qualities of a breed according to the breed standards. It takes enormous amount of time and effort studying the breed, reading books, studying pedigrees, visiting shows and communicating with other breeders. If you are really serious about breeding Golden Retrievers be ready to dedicate lots of time to this business.

The foundation bitch
To start breeding the right way you need to have a dog of proper quality. It might take up to one year to research pedigrees, find proper breeder and adopt a puppy. Expect to spend from $800 to $1500 on your foundation bitch. It’s not the right moment to try to save some money.

Raising your dog
You can not start breeding until your dog is at least 2 years old. Here costs will include everything related to puppy rising like vaccinations, food, toys, training etc. You’ll also want her to participate in shows and trails to see how she stands up to breed standards. Here your costs will be show entry fees, grooming supplies, may be a cost of professional handler and of course travel expenses.

Medical screening
You need to make sure your dog is healthy and won’t pass any genetic diseases to her offspring. Most of medical tests can not be conducted until a dog is 2 years old. You need to check elbows and hips for signs of dysplasia and obtain OFA certificates. Within 12 month prior to breeding you must have your dog’s eyes checked by a broad-certified veterinary ophthalmologist for signs of eye-diseases. A heart clearance test should be done to confirm the dog possesses no hereditary heart disorders. General cost of all procedures should be about $320. Finally, general health of the dog should be examined.

Finding a stud dog
If your dog proved to be worth breeding after shows and medical tests it’s time to find a stud dog for your bitch. You’ll need money for travel expenses to visit shows and trails to view dogs and meet breeders, you’ll need to make long-distance calls and spend many hours researching pedigrees.

Cost of Breeding
If you are going to breed in a natural way you’ll have to cover shipment of your bitch to the stud dog’s kennel plus extra board. If you’ll choose Artificial Insemination you’ll need to pay for collection, preparation and shipment of semen. Don’t forget about stud fee paid to the owner of the dog which normally is between $700 and $900.

The birth
You have to be ready to use vet help in case it is needed. And a lot of things can go wrong. A price of a C-section may vary from $300 to $1000 depending on the case

Rising puppies to 8 weeks
Vet bills, food, vaccinations, worming, registration of puppies with Kennel Club, micro chipping or tattooing and enormous amount of time required to socialize your puppies, take care of them and find them new home.

What if you own a stud dog?
It doesn’t make the whole procedure much easier. In fact, stud dog owner shares the responsibility and also needs to check dog’s health and be willing to take care of the litter in case bitch owner can not go on for some reason.

As you see breeding Golden Retrievers is far from being chip and easy. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to you to decide.