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Common Fish Diseases – Prevention is the Best Cure

Common Fish Diseases – Prevention is the Best Cure

One of the saddest things that pet owners everywhere will have to deal with at one time or another is the possibility of their fish getting sick. This can be an unfortunate incident that we will admittedly not have very much control over sometimes, but by and large a little care, forethought and attention can keep many of the common fish diseases at bay.

Don’t get me wrong; fish are in fact quite hardy and robust creatures especially if you have, as a pet owner, taken pains to ensure their comfort, well being and safety through proper care and feeding practices as well as proper aquarium maintenance. There are times however that no matter how well you have taken care of them they will fall prey to any number of the common fish ailments.

There are many sources of information available either on the Internet or the more traditional avenues such as bookstores and pet supply stores, which will clue you in on the most common diseases that afflict fish, and it would be in your best interests-as well as your water pets’-to become well versed in them in the event that they do crop up. A thorough familiarity in all of the typical symptoms will go a long way in halting the progress of the disease or its spread among the other inhabitants of the aquarium.

You should also know what the commonly prescribed medications are for each specific condition so that you will not have to waste precious time looking for a remedy later on when time is of the essence in saving the lives of your fish.

It may be hard to distinguish between them when you are first starting out taking care of fish, but different diseases will have noticeably different symptoms as they run their course. Fish can be attacked by any number of diseases, from the bacterial based to the viral based to the fungal based. Only through thorough study and research will you be able to determine what the symptoms are of each one and subsequently what the best course of action to take is.

ICH is one of the most common diseases to afflict aquarium fish and this is one ailment that you would do well to become familiar with if you want to ensure the health and well being of your water borne pets. This is one particular disease that you should really guard against as the symptoms are not always easily noticeable at first and by the time that you do notice them, it will be probably too late to save your fish. One of the other dangers of this disease is that it does not clear up on its own. In fact you will have to be quite aggressive in your treatment methods if you want to stand a chance of saving your beloved pets.

Much like any other medical or health concern, prevention really is the best cure and you should take this well worn adage to heart to ensure that you are able to enjoy your pets presence for as long as possible.