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Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet – The Pros & Cons

Choosing a Finch As Your New Bird Pet – The Pros & Cons

Learn Why A Finch Will Or Won’t Make A Good Pet Bird

Finches can be lively and interesting pets. If you are a bird-lover, and appreciate the company of a fairly self-sufficient pet, a Finch might be “just what the doctor ordered”. They thrive in pairs, and are fine with the addition of other finches, as long as the new members of the family also come in pairs. As a matter of fact as long as the size of the cage is large enough for the number of birds living together the more you have, the merrier. You need to make sure the additional Finches are the same size, otherwise larger Finches could become aggressive.

Finches come in a wide variety of colors, are extremely cute, love to take daily baths, and are fairly easy to breed. One of the most important things about any pet you choose is knowing what the pet can offer to a person or family and what things about the pet that might be harder to handle. Let’s look at the pros and cons of having a Finch as a boarder.


Finches are beautiful and come in a wide array of colors and patterns. They also have a variety of personalities.

Your pet finch will need very little upkeep. Their favorite food is seeds with Finch oriented birdseed being available at most pet stores.

They often breed in captivity which allows for the fun of watching the entire mating and hatching process.

Singing, chirping, and twittering, the peaceful and happy sound of birds being birds will waft from their cages. I find the morning is a little brighter when I take the cover off their cage and they start their happy talk

Most Finches will live approximately 10 years, a real plus, since there is bound to be an attachment that grows as the family watches and enjoys the evolution of their little families.

Pet Finches are great apartment birds as their cage needs are minimal and they are not too loud.


Most of us want to pet or play with our avian friends but pet Finches do not like to be handled &. prefer the company of other Finches.

Although watching the birth of new Finches will be fun, there is also some responsibility on your part to make sure that the breeding goes well. You will have to provide a nest or the makings of a nest for the mother. They will also need plenty of light.

They must be fed and watered daily. As they eat and drink they tend to scatter the food and water all over the place.

Finches are not good housekeepers. When they eat, seed husks and small pieces of food will fall to the floor, so you will need to find the right location for the cage that will make clean-up easier.

Cleaning your pet Finches cage can be quite a job, since they are not usually happy about your disruption of their habitat. Some people have 2 cages so they can clean the cage thoroughly with a minimum of disruption. Open both cage doors and put cages together. Put fresh fruit or their favorite toys in the 2nd cage and they will go in with a minimum of fuss. Just reverse when done cleaning the main cage.

Finches are very seldom quiet but it’s fairly easy to quiet them. Just cover their cage like you do at night to get some peace and quiet.

A decision to have a pet in the home is a serious one. Even a small one like a Finch can mean extra work but once you have a system its not that bad and the joy your get from you pet Finches will more than offset it. Once you have researched and know what is required to raise a happy, healthy pet Finch, you will be ready to enjoy the pleasant company of one of nature’s little wonders. Being greeted by your pet each morning will come to be the highlight of your day.