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Catching and Handling of Your Cockatiel

Catching and Handling of Your Cockatiel

If you have to provide a cockatiel residence, or even transfer him to one more location, in this article is some suggestions on how to catch him and take care of him devoid of causing him any harm.

If you want to catch a cockatiel in a cage, the simplest way to do this is to place a person hand on the back again of the fowl, using the thumb and minimal finger to restrain the wings. Maintain the cockatiel’s head carefully between the thumb and 2nd fingers and be very careful not to squeeze too difficult or you could squeeze the windpipe and suffocate the cockatiel.

When the cockatiel is restrained in this way, it will commonly quit battling, but beware it could still chunk your fingers, so you may perhaps want to use a pair of gloves for security.

Catching a unique cockatiel in an avairy is considerably additional challenging, as they fly fast and transform placement a great deal. Some favor to use a net to catch particular person birds, but make certain it is perfectly padded all-around the rim, or you could stun or get rid of the cockatiel. Proper catching nets are accessible from pet retailers or professional pet suppliers.

If you want to capture a cockatiel in an aviary, initially consider down all the perches, so that they do not impede your movement. The birds will then fly on to the mesh, and hold on with their claws and it will be much easier to capture them in this way. The nets are ordinarily deep, so you can restrain the bird by holding the substance just beneath the rim for a number of seconds. Rest the rim of the internet of the ground of the aviary, and then you can use equally fingers to transfer the cockatiel. Initially restrain its head as explained before then use your free of charge hand to unhook the claws from the web.

When a cockatiel is caught, it will always clench its feet on to any out there surface area to get a grip, so be gentle when unclenching them.

It is a very good plan for any fowl operator to spend in a picket traveling box. You can both order this from your pet keep, or make one particular for yourself. A touring box is normally shallow, which stops the cockatiel from traveling upwards and injuring himself. Some folks use cardboard containers for transporting cockatiels, but beware as these are not escape proof. Cockatiels could fly tough into the flaps and escape, or basically chew a hole in the box with their sharp beaks. Assist the bottom of the box, or it may appear open up with the bodyweight of the cockatiel.

If traveling in a auto with your cockatiel, make absolutely sure in no way to leave him in a very hot vehicle or a boot, as this could establish deadly. Cockatiels are very delicate to carbon monoxide fumes, so the boot is not the place for him. If you are likely to be touring for a extended time, make sure to give your cockatiel with foodstuff and drinking water for the journey.