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Cat Health Care – 5 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Cat

Cat Health Care – 5 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Cat

Neutering is an operation process that helps prevent a cat from producing endless supply of kittens. Some folks think that is cruel to allow your cat to undergo this operation but I beg to differ. I think it is cruel if one allows a cat to give birth to so many kittens, and avoiding responsibility by throwing all the kittens out on the streets, exposing them to many health risks which could lead to death, or leaving them in an animal shelter where they will be euthanized due to space constraints in the shelter.

Neutering which is also referred to as castration if the operation involves a male cat, or spaying for the female is actually an altering process that benefits both the owner and also the cat.

Here are 5 reasons why you should or must neuter a cat.

1) Reduce aggression – That’s right folks. Neutering will help transform an aggressive cat into a mellow one, provided that neutering is done at an early age, probably around the age of 5 months or so. If the process is done after the cat reaches adulthood, there is no guarantee that neutering will curb its aggression. The key is to do it early.

2) Reduce chances of involving in traffic accidents – Cats are pretty adventurous by nature and the males especially, have a rather strong territorial behavior. They tend to wander outside a lot in order to mark their territories and this could lead many health risks, like getting run over by a car, motorcycle or worst….A dumpster truck! It’s a cat owner’s nightmare to find his/her beloved pet lying lifeless in the middle of the street. This can be avoided of course if you have your cat neutered as early as possible (the recommended minimum age is 5 months).

3) Decrease chances of picking up unwanted ailments, infections, and getting lost -Less roaming around would mean less chances of the cat picking up unwanted ailments, infections or getting lost.

4) Decrease urine odor – Believe it or not, neutering can actually decrease the cat’s urine odor. If you don’t believe me, try sniffing the cat’s urine before and after you have it neutered. You can really smell the difference. If sniffing it is not your cup of tea (I’m pretty sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea for that matter), you’re better off taking my word for it. I have lived with cats my whole life and I know what I’m talking about.

5) Prevent over population of stray cats – There are many strays cats roaming the streets currently, most of these stray cats will never live long and some might die violently thanks to some irresponsible cat owners who don’t believe in neutering their cats. This problem can be greatly reduced if one were to take some responsibility by neutering the cat.

So remember folks, neutering is really a good thing and your cat will most definitely live longer if the operation is performed early in the cat’s life.