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Camping With Dogs: 3 Campsites Your Pooch Will Love

Camping With Dogs: 3 Campsites Your Pooch Will Love

Many campgrounds are no strangers to pets, specifically dogs. Animals, even sheltered ones, love the outdoors because there’s so much to see, explore and discover. All pet-friendly campsites each have their own set of rules regarding bringing animals in. To be sure, it’s ideal to call ahead to know what you need to bring (like vaccination papers) and if the entire campground is dog-friendly (some sites only have specific areas where dogs are allowed).

Look into these 3 dog-friendly campsites – you and your best bud will surely love them!

Silver Falls State Park (Willamette Valley, OR)

This gorgeous state park 9,000 acres of wildflowers, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and 10 breath-taking waterfalls. It doesn’t only offer magnificent views but there are also plenty of outdoor activities open like fishing, horseback riding, biking, hiking and more! There’s even a swim beach and a sand volleyball court available!

Your beloved pets will enjoy the 14 dog-friendly trails (leash required) in addition to an unfenced exercise area where the leash can be taken off. Certainly a treat for your pooch!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NV)

Lake Mead National Recreation area consists of about a million and half of pet-friendly acres. Your pooch will enjoy exploring the beautiful wide open spaces and there are plenty of awesome activities for you to try. There’s camping, hiking, boating, fishing and more!

Dogs are allowed on most of the trails (leash required) but most of all, they’re allowed to play at the lake! Just watch out for heat advisories (especially in the summer) and always keep your pets hydrated. Also be extra careful with wildlife – as the park houses coyotes.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Santa Cruz, CA)

Known for its towering coast redwoods, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is one of the most dog-friendly parks out there. They’ll enjoy the beaches and wineries as well as the many trails, with some even allowing off-leash hiking. You can also try the Roaring Camp Railoads which offers a super fun pet and family friendly steam train ride through the redwoods.

This park is pleasant for animal lovers and is located in a fairly secluded area that you’ll still get your fix of the beautiful outdoors while relaxing.

Just remember to always bring enough food and water for your beloved furry friends. You should also always carry doggie bags and to always clean up after your pets!