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Breeding Coon Hounds – Why Is Using A Whelping Box Important To A Successful Litter?

Breeding Coon Hounds – Why Is Using A Whelping Box Important To A Successful Litter?

When breeding coon hounds there are lots of factors that come into play. The slightest thing can cause your whole plan to go out the window and you might even end up with sick or dead coon hound puppies. If you are an experienced breeder you may know what a whelping box is. If not I’m going to explain what they are and why they are important to raising a successful litter of healthy coon hound pups.

A whelping box is a fancy word for a dog box that’s sole purpose is to house the female coon hound while she gives birth to and nurses her puppies. There is more to the whelping box though. They are designed with lots of functions to protect the mother and the puppies. Have you ever had a female to lay on a puppy and trap it between her and the side of the dog box? This will likely kill a puppy, especially a newborn. I have seen and heard of this happening more time than I like to recall.

The whelping box has a special design to prevent the mother from squashing her young. The sides are constructed so that there are “bumpers” that provide a sort of nook. This nook will keep the puppy from getting squashed by its mom. These can be added to any dog book without a lot of expense if needed. I have often used 2×4’s that were nailed all the way around with enough room for a puppy to fit. This method has helped me out of many jams when I needed a quick whelping box.

Make sure your whelping box has good ventilation but will keep the litter warm. Of course this will depend on the season, but use common sense. Puppies need warmth during the winter and cool during the summer. Don’t underestimate the power of the elements if you want to have a successful litter of coon hound pups.

Whelping boxes can be made from various materials. I have seen them made from plastic, wood, metal, and a combination of these. You can make your own whelping box or you can purchase one online or from a specialty type animal shop like Petco. You may want to search online to find what you like before trying to find one in a store. I’ve often found great deals online without having to leave my house to get a nice one delivered for an upcoming litter.

In conclusion, whelping boxes can help you lose less puppies to careless mothers and also from the elements. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make one, but you can also purchase one if you like. So if you would like your next litter of coon hound puppies to live up to the parents I recommend you using one.. When breeding coon hounds successful breeders use whelping boxes, and so should you.