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Benefits of Crate Dog Training

Benefits of Crate Dog Training

It is difficult for first time dog owners to confine their puppy to a cage. If done correctly, it’s actually one of the most responsible steps you can take to provide a safe environment for your furry companion. It is a great tool for training both young and older dogs. Read on and you will understand the many benefits of crate dog training.

In general dogs prefer to have their own area of relaxation, and that is why you see them sleeping under chairs, and tables. In training your dog with a crate you are actually giving him something he ready wants. Soon, you will be amazed that your dog will volunteer to go into his crate.

The following are a few benefits of crate dog training:
o It helps in house training your canine. Most dogs won’t eliminate in the spot where they sleep, thereby, he will learn to control himself until you take him outside. But keep it real, your dog won’t be able to hold for too long, so make sure to establish a potty schedule and stick to it.

o Crates provide a warm and safe environment. Your dog will have fewer opportunities to make messes, destroy the furniture, or experience separation anxiety episodes.

o It makes traveling with your dog easier and safer. In this scenario, think of the crate as your dog’s seat belt, which will keep him safe while on the road.

o In households with children, it helps control the relationship between the children and the dog. Children learn to respect the dog’s need for “down time ” when he is in the crate. It’s a good idea to always leave the crate’s door open, so your dog can choose when to get away from the any of the household’s activities.

o The crate is a perfect place for your dog to recuperate from an injury. He will be less stressful if he is in a familiar and comfortable spot like his crate.

In order for this type of training to work, your dog must only has pleasant associations with his crate. It should never use as a form of punishment. Even though, the crate is a space for your dog to enjoy down time when needed, it should never become his full time living space.
Dogs are social animals and need companionship. Being away from the family for long periods of time can lead to serious behavioral issues in the long run. In order for him to have a good quality of life, social isolation needs to be kept to a minimum. And a daily regime of exercise and interaction with household members should be provided.

It’s understandable that as new dog owner you feel uncomfortable at the thought of crate training your dog. But when crate training is done correctly you will both feel happier. Now that you know many of the benefits of crate dog training you should consider doing this with your canine. He will love you more for it!.