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Arthritis – Obtaining Health Insurance With This Pre-Existing Condition

Arthritis – Obtaining Health Insurance With This Pre-Existing Condition

More than 46 million Americans suffer from one form of arthritis or another. Even if you or one of your family members suffers from this condition, there is nothing more important than finding quality insurance coverage that you can afford. Whether you currently have insurance, are on Medicare, have insurance but feel underinsured, or if you are uninsured altogether, you need to consider all of your coverage options to obtain the best deal. This is particularly true if you are finding it difficult to obtain proper coverage that you can afford because of your disease. Now is the time to become a more commanding advocate for your own healthcare.

If you currently have health insurance, you may be interested to know that the Arthritis Foundation is currently working toward ensuring that people with chronic arthritis are not penalized by their insurance providers. This is a work in progress with other advocacy groups, but in time the waiting period for coverage may be eliminated, crossing arthritis off the list of pre-existing conditions that face such a stipulation. Your current insurance may pay for arthritis care, but the out-of-pocket expenses can still be very high. Examine your benefits now and see if you are getting the coverage you want. If not, now may be the time to switch.

If in your current situation you feel underinsured, or you are about to lose insurance coverage because of your job status, death of a spouse or divorce, there are particular options you will want to look into if you have chronic arthritis. COBRA coverage allows you to continue under your existing plan in the event of job loss, reduced working hours or loss of your spouse’s coverage. While this can be expensive, it allows you to look into other insurance options while avoiding a coverage gap.

If you are uninsured, you fall within a group of nearly 47 million Americans that do not have health insurance. With the cost of healthcare coverage climbing, now is the time to procure appropriate coverage. In 2007, the average American spent $7,600 on healthcare. This amount is more than triple from the amount spent in 1990. Without proper coverage, you may be finding it difficult or impossible to pay for your needed arthritis care. Medicaid, Medicare, and Children’s Health Insurance Programs are the first providers you should look into to obtain affordable coverage that will end up saving you thousands a year on expensive arthritis care.

If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you find a reduce health insurance premium today.