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Arowana Care Facts – The Arowana Treatment Recommendations You Will need To Know

Arowana Care Facts – The Arowana Treatment Recommendations You Will need To Know

The arowana fish or the dragon fish as it is acknowledged is uncovered in Asia, South The united states, Africa and Australia. A great deal of these breeds are now on the CITES endangered species listing so a ton additional focus is staying given to the defense and breeding of these fish. The arowana is rumored to market prosperity and prosperity in its domestic specifically in Asia, so in transform the golden arowana has develop into an pricey and very collectible fish.

The Tank
Arowana fish expand at a fast tempo and can attain between 3-4 foot in duration. Generally they have been recognized to live for shut to 12 several years so acquiring your tank suitable from the start is critical. If an arowana is placed in a tank that is to compact its expansion can be stunted. Also if it is remaining to extended in the incorrect sized tank it can bring about a downward curvature in the arowana’s spine.

A entirely grown arowana fish would will need to be in a 180 gallon tank. I would suggest you start off with a 125 gallon tank so you don’t have to modify your tank to swiftly at the start. Also continue to keep the leading of your tank included at all occasions as this fish is identified to bounce from the water.

An arowana is a carnivorous fish. They will consume are living fish, shrimp, frogs, worms and crickets. In essence if it fits in the arowanas mouth the fish will consume it. You just have to be mindful when feeding the fish are living bait. Make absolutely sure you get the bait from a trustworthy supplier as from time to time disorder can be passed to the fish by means of dwell bait.

You should really feed a newborn arowana 2-3 periods a working day and when a working day for an grownup. Just make positive and not around feed the fish and try out not to have uneaten food items lying in the tank as this will degrade the h2o quality.

An arowana is better off staying kept on its personal as specific breeds of the fish can be aggressive. If you are pondering about placing other fish in the tank as perfectly just make certain that the fish are larger than the arowana and wont in shape in its mouth.

The drinking water in the tank should be altered at minimum 2-3 periods a 7 days. It is recommend that you improve 30% of the drinking water in the tank twice a week or 20% 3 times a week. This is quite crucial to quit sickness. Some basic indications of health issues to seem for in your fish is decline of urge for food, keeping at the bottom of the tank, frayed or break up fins and places on the system or mouth. If you start off to discover any of these adjustments in your fish then start out examining the drinking water high-quality and enhance it straight absent.

I hope these arowana treatment ideas will assist your fish are living a long, healthy and delighted lifetime.