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A Guide on Dog Barking Control

A Guide on Dog Barking Control

It is a known fact that dogs bark. It is actually part of their normal communication and behavior. Sometimes, barking can be good too! Especially when they bark as strangers approach the house or when they hear a weird noise. However, we cannot deny the fact that excessive barking can very much drive us nuts!

Most of us want our dogs to be alert as to anything unusual. But dogs can sometimes bark at the most inappropriate of times. In a survey of dog owners, approximately 1 out of 3 dogs are reported to bark excessively. To control our barking dogs, we first need to understand why they are doing so.

Canine Communication

Dogs use many types of vocalizations in order to communicate. This starts very early on in life that’s why puppies tend to make meow-like sounds when they are hungry and make louder sounds when hurt or frustrated. As they grow older, dogs make five main sounds: howls, grunts, whines, growls and barks. Each can be used in different situations.

Howling is typically used as a means of long-range communications. This act is often associated with wolves, but dogs make them too! However, dogs may do so only as a reaction to a specific stimuli, any loud sound such as sirens.

Growling is often used when a dog is threatened, in defense or maybe to show dominance. But it may be used for play as well. You can actually tell the difference just by looking at the body posture of your dog.

Grunts are basically the equivalent of contented sighs in people. They can also often be heard when dogs are greeting each other or other people.

Whines or whimpers are used to show submissiveness. Dogs generally whine to attract attention and craving for a reward. This may often be heard when a puppy is left along at night. Thus, giving us that guilty feeling; this unintentionally reinforces whining in getting the attention that he wants.

Lastly, we have the bark. Barking is more common in dogs compared to any other canine species in the world. They bark for many different reasons. This is why it is necessary to control a dog’s bark if it comes in excess.

In order to control barking, the dog must obey the owner and learn to relax. Dogs usually look to the owner for behavior clues. So, in order to calm your dog down, you must also be calm. Also, saying “NO” is only going to make matters worse. For all you know, the dog is thinking you are barking too! Hence, he makes more noise to join you.

To sum it all up, just keep in mind that your dog is barking to tell you something. So, better listen up!