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8 Dog Training Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know

8 Dog Training Tips Every Dog Owner Must Know

Every dog owner wants a well trained, obedient dog. You can enjoy your pet so much more if they are well behaved, and the dog is happier because you are happy with them. The ultimate goal is to have your dog obey your commands while off the lead. This level of compliance, however, takes much training and time. Here are a few great dog training tips to help you along the way.

1. One of the most important tips for training your dog is to start training early. Don’t wait for bad behavior to start. The sooner you teach your dog what is acceptable and unacceptable, the happier you will both be. Even a puppy can learn basic commands and household manners. Check out local puppy or dog obedience training classes and get enrolled right away.

2. Only reward desired or ‘good’ behavior. Never give treats or attention for bad behavior. Your dog wants your approval and attention. If you only give it to them when they are being good, they will learn to behave appropriately in order to get your approval.

3. Dogs have a lot of energy. Find an outlet for this natural energy. Many dogs enjoy activities like agility and fly ball. If that doesn’t appeal to you, try regular walks or runs, playing fetch, or take a trip to a doggy park where your dog can run and interact with other dogs. If you give your dog a way to burn off their energy, training will be much easier.

4. Find a regular time that works for you and your dog. Regular training sessions are another one of the key dog training tips that will insure your success as they will have more of an impact than sporadic ones. Make sure that you are both in a good mood, and that your dog has been well exercised before the training session.

5. New puppies need to be handled a lot to ensure that they will tolerate it and become a good pet. A crucial dog training tip is to make the handling of your puppy a frequent and pleasant experience for both of you.

6. Don’t ever hit your dog or yell at them. You want your dog to associate pleasant things with you. A dog naturally wants to please you, so if your dog is engaging in undesirable behavior, simply ignore them or remove them to a confined space where they are alone. Dogs are naturally social animals and not being with you is a very hard thing for them, therefore it is a very effective punishment.

7. After your dog has completed a command, make sure you praise them very quickly. You want your positive attention to be associated with the desired behavior.

8. Use a release word to end a command. For example, when a dog has been in a down, stay position and you are finished with the command, say a word like “free” or “release” to tell the dog that it is okay for them to get up. Try not to use common words like “Okay” since this can be confusing to the dog.

These are just a few dog training tips that you can use to successfully teach your dog obedience. Find the things that work best for you and your individual pet. Above all, the most important dog training tip is to have fun and enjoy your dog!