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3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Treating Bladder Cancer in Dogs

3 Amazingly Simple Steps to Treating Bladder Cancer in Dogs

Bladder cancer in dogs is a serious condition. My beloved Akita of 13 years died of it. Although he had lived a long, happy life, especially for a large breed dog, I wish I had known what I know now. Although I can’t go back and change his final six months with us, I can share what I learned with you.

First the facts. The cause of dog bladder cancer is unknown, but it is believed that flea and tick collars and sprays can be a contributing factor, so please get rid of these items if you have them in your house. Typically, female dogs are more prone to cancer than males and certain breeds have a higher incidence of cancer including beagles, fox terriers (Scottish, wirehaired fox and West Highland white varieties) and Shetland sheepdogs. Dogs that have been neutered also have a higher risk.

Left untreated, bladder cancer in dogs can block the urinary tract making it difficult or impossible to expel toxins from the bladder. The cancer can also spread to other parts of the body and is life-threatening. Dogs with a bladder cancer diagnosis can survive for up to a year, but that time is full of misery, suffering and humiliation.

Traditional medical treatment for dog bladder cancer includes surgery to move small tumors, chemotherapy (which is still considered an experimental treatment) and use of anti-inflammatory drugs which does not get rid of the cancer, but in some studies, has shown to slow its growth.

If you do not want your dog to undergo radical treatments which can increase pain and suffering, there are healthy options. These are especially important for older dogs who will not be able to tolerate chemotherapy, harsh drugs and may not survive the trauma caused by surgery.

The best natural treatment for dogs is simple and easy. First, feed your dog healthy, organic food (that has no chemicals, cheap grains, byproducts or preservatives.) Junk food kibble alters the pH of the bladder, making it hospitable to bacteria and disease. Healthy, organic food that is comprised mostly of good quality protein will give your dog the nutrients needed for healing.

Second, make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh water. Water is vital to keeping the body hydrated and flushing toxins from the bladder. Rather than give your dog tap water, buy a water filter to remove the chemicals that alter the pH which is a component for preventing bladder cancer in dogs.

Third, it goes without saying that love and attention is healing. Spend time with your dog. Talk to him. Take him on walks and adventures. Run and play with him. Exercise is healing: it relieves stress, bonds participants, removes toxins from the lymph system and increases a sense of satisfaction in life.

In addition to diet, love and attention and exercise, give your dog a daily natural remedy that contains antioxidants which build immunity and fight cancer. This supplement should contain a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps most important, it should contain herbs like Milk Thistle and Mistletoe which are strong antioxidants that make for a natural, gentle and effective treatment for bladder cancer in dogs. These two herbs also help rid the body of toxins.

Since your dog depends on you to make the best healthcare choices, it is up to you to find a method to treat dog bladder cancer that is gentle, yet effective and that does not worsen your dog’s suffering. Think about it: if you choose to give your dog chemo, there is no way for you to tell your dog that even though his suffering is going to be worse, in the long wrong, he might get better. Of course, he also might get worse, since chemo is a poison that often kills the patient. Although this may seem harsh, this is something you must consider.

Dogs don’t understand the point of radical treatments. They only know what they feel in the moment. Make your dogs moments as happy, comfortable and pain-free as possible by choosing to take the natural route. As your dog gets better, continue to follow the steps above and give your dog a daily supplement in order to build a strong immunity needed for a long, healthy and happy life.